Mission statement…

Five things you need to know before reading on:

  1. Because I am the mum of two boys (almost 4 and almost 1) my life is dominated by all things child-related at this point so there will be a lot of mumstuff on this blog.
  2. Having said that, my mission is to re-discover myself – after all its been four years since I last slept through the night let alone left the house alone to go somewhere other than work or foodshopping (OK slight exaggeration – but not much!)
  3. As I mention in my sub above, I am a bit of a book monster (or used to be), book club member (lapsed), childrens book website writer and editor (lapsed), library assistant (lapsed), and lit grad (albeit American).
  4. I am passionate about baking muffins!
  5. My baby bears more than a striking resemblance to baby Jack Jack from The Incredibles (although he hasn’t set fire to anything yet – to my knowledge…)WP_000192


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