I’d like to think if I had the time I would be exploring gourmet recipes every day (a bit like the contenders on Master Chef). Cooking is something I enjoy immensely, especially experimenting with recipes more adventurous than I’m used to.

I have also recently a) decided enough is enough after putting on about a stone in weight in the space of three months – the three months I have been back at work since maternity and b) started reading “The Flat Tummy Club Diet” by Kate Adams and trying to take on board the idea of living a healthy lifestyle (although I still haven’t found a space in my life for any kind of cardio excercise).

These two factors, plus the desire to both provide healthy meals for my kids (one of whom is an EXTREMELY fussy eater) and instil in them a joy of cooking one day are the reasons behind this particular category of my blog.

2 thoughts on “Food

  1. The best of luck, so important kids are educated about food. I am trying to lose a kg or too also, my wife tells me that cutting sugar and carbs are the way to go, although I am sure getting off the couch would also improve my chances!

  2. Maclean, not only am I thrilled because you are the first person to comment on anything on this blog but I’m also a bit stunned as my post is such a modest little explanation of why I want to talk about food sometimes from a *complete* amateur’s perspective and, taking a look at your website, you are obviously an amazing, seasoned professional chef! Thank you for taking the time!!

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