Muffin Mummy

About two years ago I toyed with the idea of practising my baking skills. JJ was about 2 years old and EJ not yet conceived. The only problem was I need something that I could put together during JJ’s 1-2 hour midday nap. Bread: far too much hard work and time-consuming with all that proving and rising. Cakes: probably not such a great idea given the fact that I would probably end up eating 80 per cent of the outcome myself. And so I came to the conclusion that the perfect baking foodstuff for me would be the humble Muffin. Notoriously quick and easy to put together (wet ingredients, dry ingredients – slap ’em together, Bob’s your uncle), and it would allow me to experiment with a variety of both sweet and savoury delights.

I went on to bake some delicious Annabel Karmel raisin and courgette muffins, BBC Good Food double chocolate muffins and some savoury gruyere and courgette muffins too. I whipped up a batch of breakfast muffins (much appreciated by my work colleagues!) and discovered my personal favourites the Toffee Apples! I also experimented with low fat banana and blueberry muffins which I’ve made on a few occasions since. However, the initial flurry of activity waned and then along came pregnancy and child no. 2 which hampered matters considerably.

I’m hoping this blog will encourage me to  pick up where I left off and try out a few more of the delicious sounding recipes from my little book of muffins, “Muffin Magic” by Susannah Blake. I’m loving the look of the Peppermint Stick muffins, Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Cheekies, and Date and Ginger Honeys.



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