Birthday Party etiquette…

So today at the preschool drop off JJ was given an invitation to a friend’s birthday party. Unfortunately the party is scheduled for the day of his own birthday which falls on a Saturday this year. This is a new one on me. My initial thought was, well he can’t go. He doesn’t share a huge amount of friends with the inviter and if I book a party for him on the same day then it won’t really matter. Then I took note of the fact that his best friend in the world had also been invited to the other party. I also hate to turn down parties because they can be fun and are a great way to keep JJ happy! Plus I really like this friend’s mum and want to keep connected. So perhaps I should book our party for the Sunday instead. This seems like the best option but also means that JJ will be at someone else’s party on his own birthday and singing Happy Birthday to You to someone else, watching them blow out the candles on a cake when he is the real Birthday Boy on that particular day… I’m finding this weird…

One thought on “Birthday Party etiquette…

  1. That is a tough choice. I reckon ask JJ what he wants to do and go from there. After all, if he wishes to go to the party, it is only for a couple of hours and he would have had a morning opening his birthday presents with mummy and daddy.

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