George Foreman – I’m your new biggest fan!

What’s that you say? You’re a boxer? I have no knowledge of that. No, what I love about you George, is your marvellous lean, mean grilling machine. My recent musings on my ridiculous slide into chocolate croissant, Costa latte, comfort food hell led me to the conclusion that something had to change. For starters less bread/cake/biscuits/sandwiches. Whilst there is nothing wrong with dry frying or ordinary, bog standard grilling, it has been the grilling machine that has captured my imagination and allowed me to experiment with meals I’ve never tried before (and the family too!).

So far I’ve made a delicious marinaded pork dish (soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, chillis), plain salt & pepper grilled chicken breasts with pre-cooked new potatoes chopped up and grilled at the same time, yummy lamb shoulder steaks marinaded in olive oil with garlic & chillis and eaten in a flatbread with salad and tsatziki, as well as using the grill for plain sausages and burgers, thereby syphoning off loads of excess fat. Unfortunately, not thinking ahead with blogging in mind I have not taken any pictures of these masterpiece creations but maybe I’ll start clicking everything from now on!

I read a few review sites before buying this kitchen gadget and noted that several people said that they grilled a couple of sandwiches on it and never used it again. Frankly I’m surprised. Its easy and versatile. Wow. This is beginning to sound like an info-mercial – George, if you’re reading, I’ll happily take a commission!

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