The boy turns 1!

As I write this I am breathing a big sigh of relief. One of the things that noone tells you when you decide to become a parent is that you will need to brush up on your organisational skills because, at some point, you will be expected to fulfill the role of party planner and hostess. OK, nobody is actually expected to do this and whilst a party is a popular choice, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to take your child for a family day out instead. I do enjoy a good party though but never realised how much hard work it would be to make it haone balloonppen. And I say this with no particular pride at the amazing job I did because, quite frankly, I was a bit all over the place and there were no organised activities or games (although I did have a couple up my sleeve if they’d been needed).

The most panicky bit for me was realising that I had organised an outdoor party (not altogether unreasonable – late July, middle of a heatwave) and the weather forecast the night before was non-stop rain, thunder, lightning, hellfire… To my great fortune, one of my lovely friends called the morning of the day and told me she had found a perfect venue (lovely church hall with big outdoor area too) and it was (unbelievably) free that day and bargain price to boot! I honestly cannot thank her enough and have definitely learnt a jolly good lesson about party planning for the future. Having said that – I’ve also learnt a lesson about trusting the weather forecasters because we had glorious sunshine for the vast majority of the afternoon.

Its not a cheap option but one of my favourite bits was sourcing lovely bright food boxes and creating a little impromptu picnic, and getting all the little bits and bobs together for the party bags. Guess I’m a sucker for accessories!

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