Cafe musing…



Mum, JJ, EJ and I have just returned from the local swing park at King’s Field near Kingston upon Thames. It’s Sunday morning and while we were there we thought we’d pop into the cafe there (pictured behind EJ in the photo above). It is one of the Pistachios in the Park franchises which also sell a range of wooden toys.

While we were buying our drinks we noticed there was a new section in there aimed at parents with small children containing a paddling pool filled with balls, some story books, stickers and colouring books with crayons, children’s chairs and a freestanding bead table.  This is a lovely idea and JJ immediately wanted us to decamp into this area with our refreshments.

After we finished our drinks I started to put JJ’s sandals back on and noticed that the bottoms of his feet were black with dirt. Considering the fact that EJ had been putting balls and other bits and bobs in his mouth this worried me a little. It also gave me cause for concern regarding the hygiene and cleanliness in general in the food & drink prep area as much as anywhere else.

The people who work in there are very young and seem very concerned with their image and hanging out with the local youths who go down there for the skate park. In my experience they do not offer a friendly or welcoming service which is such a shame as I love cafes in parks and this one has so much potential.

I have now written a letter of concern to Pistachios through their website contact form so I’ll keep you posted on any feedback!

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