Little chef!

Joe cooking sausages

This evening I set up the George Foreman grill to cook some sausages for dinner. JJ had been playing with his trains since coming home from pre-school but came out into the kitchen when he heard the sound of utensils clattering and food appearing from the fridge. I went into the drawer for my new silicone tongs – bought especially for using with the grill – I’ve ruined enough non-stick surfaces in my time! JJ was with me when I bought them and took a great liking to them for some reason so when he saw them this evening he immediately wanted to get involved in turning the sausages. Obviously I didn’t want him hanging around hot surfaces and spitting sausages so I had a brainwave: out came his own portable kitchen (last year’s Christmas pressie from his maternal grandparents!) and there we have it – a mini-me!

Joe with sausages

I’m linking up with Charly at for her What’s the Story? for the first time in ages!

2 thoughts on “Little chef!

  1. JJ looks like he’s having the best time and taking it all very seriously! Kitchens are the best things ever aren’t they, my toddler loves doing a spot of pretend cooking. Welcome back and thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

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