4 O’Clock in the morning


Yep – that’s the time I finally laid back down after EJ’s little crying fit last night. I rolled over, looked at the clock and it was exactly 4 am. The words ran through my mind “4 O’Clock in the morning and its starting to get light…” – Beverley Craven, Promise Me, circa 1991. This (in context) indicates two things to me: 1) it must have been high summer; and 2) the narrator of the story must have been young – late teens/early 20s in my opinion. At least that’s the only time in my life I would ever have still been up at that time in the morning, voluntarily. I just love sleep too much you see. And there’s the rub.

This got me musing on that beautiful, maddening, sometimes terrifying, sometimes joyous world of sleep and dreams. I googled ‘sleep’ (I know, how very unimaginative) and the first site I found provided a list of ‘fascinating’ facts on the subject.The very first sentence my eyes alighted upon read “One of the best predictors of insomnia later in life is the development of bad habits from having sleep disturbed by young children”. Oh fabulous. I love my children but now I find that not only are they filling every corner of my life with their squiffy little selves in the here and now, but they are also acting as a two-man tag team intent on destroying my future sanity by systematically dismantling the auto-sleep function of my brain. Cheers boys.

On another note, I obviously did manage to sleep part of the night because I remember dreaming that it was Christmas Day, but in the dream I had utterly failed to buy a single present for anyone. I was distraught. I’d let people down. As a rule, I am pretty susceptible to a good old anxiety dream at the best of times – I guess its nature’s way of keeping me in check – dangling the future flash-forward awful-truth reveal in front of me in order to freak me out sufficiently to urge me onwards into an existence of preparedness and organisation (or something vaguely resembling it).

I guess this means that, by my mid-fifties I will be getting no sleep and events will be creeping up on me like Kato from The Pink Panther, ready to wrestle me, unawares, to the ground. Ah well, at least I’ll have someone else to blame!

8 thoughts on “4 O’Clock in the morning

  1. Ah but they should also tell you about the ability you gain to catch up on sleep at *any given moment*. Lunch break at work is my favourite. Once some other workers came out to the car because they thought something was wrong with me. But they know now!

    Oh, Beverley Craven… bringing back such nineties memories.

    • Oh Denise – you are very sensible to catch up on sleep where you can – I find myself trying to do 101 other things when a brief bit of peace descends on me – even in the evenings I generally end up going to bed later than I’d planned because I get hooked into a good book or a series of blog posts or something. #can’tswitchoff

  2. This is both hilarious and worrying. I have noticed how my body is so in tune to my little man that if he so much as sniffles, my eyes fly open. I find myself rushing to his cot to put his dummy back in only to find he has done it himself and has gone back to sleep. He wakes up content and raring to go, I wake up looking like a cross between Crusty the Clown from the Simpsons and George Clinton’s mugshot from when he was arrested. I thought toddlers slept right through the night, am I deluded?

    • Cleo – do you mean Bill Clinton? I think every child is different really – I know people who have children older than JJ who still don’t sleep well although he himself has slept pretty well since 6 months. EJ’s a bit trickier but even he normally sleeps through with a wake up at 4 or 5ish for a bottle but I know that they go through phases of sleep regression during periods of rapid growth and development. Sticking to good routines is key I think and just riding out those bad phases.

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