What do you want to be when you grow up?

funny police car

A question that I have heard many times from the hubster, first to his daughter (my Steppie) (who’s initial response to this used to be “A Childminder” – I guess her Childminder at the time had a brilliant poker face), and now to JJ, who, at 4, is barely aware of the plethora of possibilities that lurk just outside the door. I think the desired response is “Daddy, I want to be a Woo Woo just like you”. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion and assume that my husband has embarked on a successful career as a vodka cocktail, let me assure you that the term Woo Woo in our house, has, for some reason, become synonomous with policing (although to be fair any vehicle with some stripes and a flashing light – blue, orange, colour not an issue) tends to get the JJ seal of approval – got a rat infestation? Call in the Woo Woos (albeit in a car-derived van emblazoned with the legend “Bug Off!” – you get the idea).

As we often talk to each other using the phonetic alphabet (not randomly mind you, this practice came into being the day the Steppie caught us spelling out a descriptive – I’m not proud of this – in relation to her mother and promptly retorted with “the Bish?”) I’m hoping that I can soon wean JJ off the use of a word I’ve obviously been saying a lot lately and instead get him to throw an element of confusion and misdirection at his pre-school teachers by yelling “Bravo Uniform Golf Golf Echo Romeo!” next time he has a minor issue to contend with. Not only is it an exercise in memory and spelling but also gets him in on the ground floor when it comes to a career with the boys in blue.

On reflection if he does decide to work in emergency services he could do worse than driving one of these:


One thought on “What do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. Whoops with the spelling! Amazing what they pick up on when you think you are being careful…

    He’ll be the best speller in his class by the time he starts school.

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