I’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award!


I was really touched recently when Twitter notified me that I’d been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by Mummy Tries! For those who don’t know, its a bit of a ‘spread the blog love’ version of a chain letter – you pick seven random facts about yourself to share and then nominate some more worthy candidates who write blogs which you enjoy reading and find interesting, varied and which keep you coming back!

For my theme I have chosen: No Theme! (this is meant to be random after all!!)

  1. The two most useful practical skills I have learnt in life are driving and touch typing
  2. My finest sporting moment at school was performing a perfect Fosberry Flop. I’d be the first to admit that I’m not the sportiest person in the world…
  3. I went to see Back to the Future 10 times at the cinema in 1985/86. And in other random 80s cinematic trivia – I lusted after Madonna’s cool accessories in Desperately Seeking Susan.
  4. The bravest thing I’ve ever done (or stupidest??) was jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet over Mission Beach in Australia. (If you’re going to do it anywhere, do it there!)
  5. I lived in Texas for a year when I was studying for my first degree. I went to the University of Texas in Austin which is as big as a small city in itself! Memories include hanging out at coffee bar ‘Insomnia’; raging thunderstorms which outdo anything the UK can muster up – practically biblical proportions when clouds of black crickets are washed off flat rooftops in waves!; Restaurants like the original Tex-Mex Chuy’s which ooze character; lazing by natural pools at Barton Springs; watching the sunset from Mount Bonnell – amazing views!; partying at the fun bars downtown on 6th Street; mimosas and huevos rancheros for breakfast! I could go on…
  6. Controversial one: I cannot understand why women love Robbie Williams. I find it completely bizarre both in terms of sex appeal and music. In fact, I’m thinking of creating a Support Group for like-minded women because its obviously NOT NORMAL!!
  7. I’m a huge literature fan but a cursory glance at my bookshelves tells me that I’m a serial reader of Nick Hornby, Christopher Brookmyre, Kate Atkinson and Sarah Waters. Can’t go wrong. (And on the subject of bookshelves, if you don’t have shelves full of books in your living room we may not ever be besties! 🙂 )

My Nominees for Versatile Blogger are:

Be lovely to read a bit more about you or see your spin on this ‘chain’ thing – profuse apologies and please ignore me if you’ve done this before – you’re obviously just too bloomin’ popular! X

3 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. OMG. I am so with you about Robbie Williams. Enjoyed reading a little more about you, too. Well done on your award and thank you for my nomination. xxx

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