Favourite pressies Christmas 2013!

Some presents get played with straight away, some come into their own later on so a week into January is probably the right time to take stock of the situation.

Firstly, the below photo of my Dad shows him sporting three Bee headbands from the ELC Crazy Bee Game that the boys got as part of their pressie from my parents. Each person has to wear one headband with a dangling magnetic bee hovering over a tray of magnetic balls and then its a bit of a free for all to see who can gather the most treasure! This, as you can probably imagine,  led to a certain amount of hilarity only rivalled by numerous hands of “Smelly Baby Nappy” (essentially the Horrid Henry version of Old Maid)…

Bee headbands

Next, there was a quick walk with JJ and hubster down to the Thames riverside to see the extent of the flooding which gave JJ the perfect opportunity to try out his adorable new dinosaur umbrella! (Ironically it wasn’t raining).


Here’s a shot of the two of us surveying the scene:


Here’s one of JJ’s not so successful pressies – a Matt Smith (Dr Who) apron. I guess he’s not destined to be a future “Who-vian” like his cousin… (the ride on is EJ’s!)

Matt Smith apron

This last one was taken just this morning with both boys absolutely loving EJ’s new V-Tech Toot Toot Garage – bit of a cacophany but worth it to see them playing happily (mostly!) together.

V-Tech Garage

And just for the hell of it, here’s a last little Christmassy montage:

11 thoughts on “Favourite pressies Christmas 2013!

  1. Wonderful expressions on their little faces in the montage! Your garage toy reminds me of we had at the toddler group we went, which was a massive favourite. You wound the car up to the top and then let it go – excellent fun for child and parent alike.

    • I know! I’m looking forward to lots more of this type of hilarity when EJ is old enough too! I always think back to my childhood Christmases and they always involved lots of board games and silly games and that’s what Christmas Day is all about for me – we rarely watched TV – I’ve never even seen the Queen’s Speech – just pressie opening, delicious food and games!

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