Coffee Attitude Adjustment #ThriftyThursday


Well this is new! I’m linking up to #ThriftyThursday over at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies which is a fun way to share some tips and ideas on how to live a bit more frugally and save some money.

The picture above shows my new(ish) Starbucks cup on the go. I was talked into buying it by the amazing persuasive powers of the Starbucks ‘youves’ who assured me that it was a bargain at £6.50 (a third off!) and I would “make my money back” by using it instead of their paper cups when I came in for my skinny lattes from that point on (you get 25p off if you use your own cup).

I should explain that, since returning to work from my maternity with EJ, I have become a bit of a coffee shop addict, treating myself to expensive lattes four mornings a week as some sort of self-imposed ‘reward’ for putting up with all the exhausting madness of motherhood the rest of the time. Once upon a time I was obsessed with my finances and listed every purchase meticulously in a notebook adapted for the purpose. Since having children this has long ago fallen by the wayside and my unrelenting coffee habit has taken me to a personal nadir financially – pretty much bleeding money from my modest part time income leaving a trail of Guatamalan coffee grinds in its wake.

I am hoping to reduce my working hours even further come April so I’ve taken the initiative to actually use my pretty new cup and have now successfully introduced a whole new coffee experience. OK so I’ve treated myself to a small tin of Nescafe Azera:

nescafe azera

which, whilst not the cheapest at £3.29 (but currently reduced to £2 in Tesco!) is still a whole lot cheaper than the £40 or so I’ve been spending on coffee in the average month *hangs head in shame*…

I am quite fussy so I’ve got my own Demerera sugar and I boil up some hot milk to add before I leave for work in the mornings (the microwave is just too too noisy and I do hate waking JJ and having to reason with him about why Mummy has to go to work – Money I say, Money!) and its actually very enjoyable and incredibly satisfying to know that I’m clawing back some kind of control over finances which have been washing down Costa’s nearest drain with the leftover dregs.


6 thoughts on “Coffee Attitude Adjustment #ThriftyThursday

  1. I do like coffee shops and although I’ve got a fine coffee maker, coffee at home is never quite the same as going out and hearing the hiss of the machines, seeing the generous cakes piled up on the counter, looking out of the floor to ceiling windows at the world going by…

    • I know what you mean – it is more than just a coffee habit – its a coffee shop habit! I have to admit that I haven’t exactly gone completely cold turkey – I’m still treating myself to one (or maybe two!) lunch hours sitting reading my blogs on my Kindle in a coffee shop with a comfy chair and a pro latte. Its a little oasis of luxury when your usual experience is reading one sentence on your laptop before a grubby little hand slaps the keyboard and a sad looking cold cup of tea languishes on the mantle piece…

  2. Hi Sam, Thanks for joining in and welcome to #ThriftyThursday. My other half is a coffee nut. He’s just brought himself a machine and travel mug to save on all of the coffees he buys when out at work. 🙂

    • Hi Gina! The ironic thing is that I’m not a coffee afcionado at all – I like it very milky and sweet and I find it very bitter otherwise. I think it is the ritual as much as anything else…

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