Blogtastic #WoTW

My word of the week for The Reading Residence #WoTW this week is:


I have managed to publish five posts this week (this one being number 6!) which must be a record for me. I also figured out how to schedule a pre-written post and I joined in with five linkys. I realise that this is a pretty modest achievement compared to some but I’m quite pleased that I managed to find the time given that working part time and looking after the kids when I’m not there fills most of my hours!

Its a really nice feeling to get up some kind of momentum and keep running with it and I’ve finally accepted that not every post has to be lengthy, witty or packed with amazing facts and insights (I can save that for every other post *Anne Robinson style wink*). Sometimes its OK to just post a picture or a nice quote or a recipe.

At the same time it helps to feel like part of the blogging community and know that you actually have readers who are interested in what you have to say (and also provide some pretty fab and interesting reading matter themselves).

So that was my blogtastic week – whether I can keep up the momentum next week… who knows?!


15 thoughts on “Blogtastic #WoTW

  1. A fabulous word and a great week for you!That is some going, and the linky’s themselves take time, as I often find myself getting lost in enjoying other blogs! Best of luck keeping that momentum going. Thanks for joining up with #WotW x

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