Word of the week: Happy!

happy minion!

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately and started reading “The Happiness Project” this week after seeing mention of it in a post over at Learner Mother. After my thoughts last week on how the outlook of other, more pessimistic or gloomy souls can drag you down somewhat (unless you can switch off without appearing rude!), I began to ponder what external factors can flick the happiness switch. Lately, for me (and I’m sure plenty of other people too) its the moment that the Pharell Williams song “Happy” comes on the radio. I instantly find myself doing a little shoulder dance, singing along, visualising that very lovable video that goes with this awesome tune – other random bods going about their days, the sun shining, the quality of the light, the feeling that everyone else who is listening to this song is somehow connected to you in a wave of euphoria. Feeling just like a room without a roof (whatever that means!). And who can fail to be tickled by the sight of a life size minion getting in on the action?
So for all those who want to bring bad news to me I will attempt to mentally channel Pharrell – “no offence to you, but don’t waste your time”.
In the spirit of idea sharing I’d love to know what flicks your happiness switch?


15 thoughts on “Word of the week: Happy!

  1. What a lovely post. Although I have to admit I have no idea what this song sounds like. Pharrell usually comes up with winners though, so I can imagine it’s a goodie.

    What flicks my happiness switch? Good food, without doubt. Creating a recipe, cooking it and of course eating it… cooking with my littlest makes me particularly happy right now πŸ™‚

      • It’s a great song, isn’t it! Although sadly suffering from the overexposure that local radio drags so many good songs through.

        But I remember being in the car with Lovely Daughter #2 in the early days of its release and her perking up and saying how much she liked the song “because it’s about being happy. And why wouldn’t you want to be happy?” She’s a very positive little soul and when I saw the title of your post it made me think of that moment of sharing how good it is to be looking for the positive side.

  2. I think its great that you are trying to be positive and find the brighter side of life. It is great that you can do that. However, I just wanted to stand up for some of the more “pessimistic or gloomy souls” out there. Some of us actually suffer from mental health disorders and, try as we might, listening to cheery songs won’t budge our moods when we are really down. Sometimes its a chemical imbalance in our brains, sometimes we are going through particularly difficult times and are struggling to cope, but I assure you none of us are doing it to drag anybody else down. Sadly, for some of us, there is no happiness switch!

    • I was in no way suggesting that people who suffer from clinical depression were pessimistic or gloomy – some of my closest friends in the world suffer from depression and they are not like that at all. You should read my post ‘Other People’s Blues’ to understand where I was coming from on this one – someone I see on a regular basis who is just an ‘eeyore’ type of personality. Please don’t think this post was in any way about Depression or the lack thereof – that is a completely different post and one which I would only be able to discuss from the outside looking in but I certainly wouldn’t be suggesting that sufferers just buck up and cheer up – its not that kind of illness. Please accept some supportive vibes X

  3. A lovely #WotW. It can just be a song sometimes that cheers you, can’t it? I can guarantee that a tickle fight with my kids will always cheer me and often a really good book – it at least lets me switch off! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. Glad to see someone else has had a happy week too! That song has the same effect on me too, there’s so many songs that can cheer me up as soon as I hear them – I try to do housework to music when I can as it makes it much more enjoyable hehe πŸ™‚ #wotw

  5. Music definitely cheers me up, but as I’m sitting attempting to catch up a little and read some #WotW’s my 4yo is in a super chatty mood and is so excitedly telling me everything that comes into his head that I find myself very happy indeed πŸ™‚

  6. It is a super happy, bottom wiggling sort of song! Not that I am allowed to dance and sing along, not even in my own kitchen, because ‘that’s like, so embarrassing, Mum’ As for what flicks my happiness switch generally speaking, ummm, the sight of a beer at the back of the fridge that I had forgotten about, after a particularly stressful bedtime, is the most recent event I can think of that elicited a happiness hit on the old mood swingometer….
    Thanks for the shout out – you have reminded me I need to get back onto the Happiness Project! πŸ™‚

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