Through a glass darkly: the science facts of our children’s futures #The Theme Game

Google Glass, smart glasses under development by Google are seen in handout photo

So I often have that feeling that I’m ‘always the last to know’ whatever exciting piece of news or gossip is going round and as such I now wonder if I’m somewhat behind in discovering the existence of something called “Google Glass“? Essentially it involves wearing a pair of glasses which act as a camera – a camera which allows you to take a picture with a wink of your eye. It also appears to allow you to interact with Google online so that you can see answers to questions that you ask verbally kind of imposed on whatever it is you’re looking at. It’s being marketed as a tool for estate agents or anyone selling a house as the pictures give a sense of immediacy which normal photography just can’t capture in the same way.

Now I’m reading further into it, it seems more and more like a gadget from a James Bond movie or the TV series Alias – you meet someone new and a dossier of their life scrolls before your eyes, etc.

And whilst we’re talking about new technology what about the fact that Samsung have already developed a way to scroll through a document on screen just by moving your eyes?? And the fact that there are already technologies which allow people to play computer games using only mind control (see, for example

So many wonderful applications for these new technologies but also a lot of pitfalls (people walking around very discretely taking pictures of your kids with a wink of the eye? Its only a matter of time before we all have to drop our glasses into a bag at the doors of the school hall before we can watch our children’s nativity plays just in case we plan to film the whole thing by holding one eye shut for 45 minutes… you get the idea).

First it will be glass, then it will be the silicon of our contact lenses. Hmm, not sure whether to be excited or terrified by what’s in store for my children as they come of age…

Google Glass Lampost

18 thoughts on “Through a glass darkly: the science facts of our children’s futures #The Theme Game

  1. It’s interesting isn’t it? I’ve dreamt for years of a way of capturing what you see just by blinking or something – for all those moments when you don’t have a camera… but I never thought it would happen in my lifetime! And like you say there are so many pitfalls and it can easily be abused by those with dark intent. So even though I’ve always loved it as an idea… I’m not sure I like the reality either. #thethemegame

    • I know – when we were kids the Internet was not even a distant dream but its changed life soooo much – for better and worse – and I guess that’s the way its going to be with new technologies from now on…

  2. Hubby and I often joke in wonder that our little bear might not even have a mobile phone when she’s older, that it might all be done by wearing contact lenses or something… Not so far from the truth. We have to embrace technology but I’m not sure I like the look of this!

    • Its funny because I was watching Star Trek: Into Darkness last night and even though its set 250 years into the future they are still using things that look like clam shell mobile phones! Someone didn’t think that through…

  3. Hmm, that’s interesting that you mention this because my husband and I were discussing the very same thing after the last episode of Sherlock where they kind of referred to this sort of technology. I’m not sure I feel very comfortable with it, but then I never thought mobile phone’s would take off so what do I know?! Thanks for sharing such a fascinating post for #TheThemeGame

    • I never though e-readers would become so popular either – I love books and like to have them on display too but since I got my Kindle I have hardly bought any hard copies. I’m having a bit of a backlash now and quite enjoying holding the real thing!

    • Yes its just a shame the growth comes too late sometimes like the recent introduction of controls to stop people watching extreme violent pornography – just too late for April Jones and the other children who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  4. It’s incredible how quickly technology is developing and I continue to be amazed by the new innovations – and also by how much of it was predicted by early sci-fi. The Orwellian dystopia is moving ever closer!

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