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Recently I have become increasingly frustrated with the extremely poor quality of the photos I take on my phone. Its a Nokia Lumia 610 and came free as part of a Virgin package but unfortunately I’m locked into a contract that doesn’t end until September. I have owned various cameras in the past few years but I find myself at a point in my life where I don’t have anything other than a Nikon SLR which I splashed out on ten years ago just before everything went digital. I was carried away by the idea of becoming a bona fide photographer at that time, but I quickly lost interest as I’m a very impatient person and there was no immediacy within the limits of using up and developing a roll of film (although I do appreciate that the quality of the printed pictures would have been far superior to a lot of digital substitutes).

Currently I’m taking pictures on my phone like this:


which is so disappointing. Nothing I could do on this occasion made for a good picture – it was an overcast day and all the pictures came out blurry and washed out.

The hubster doesn’t believe in spending money on professional family photo shoots and he invested in a digital Canon SLR camera some time ago and takes some great pictures with it but its a big old piece of kit to lug around, with a couple of lenses and other bits and bobs. Also, he’s not always there when a great photo opportunity presents itself and I really want a great, compact camera at my fingertips so that I can capture those magic moments when they happen.

I know I’ve got a lot to learn because, when using the hubster’s camera I tend to just point and shoot without any real thought or knowledge, and whilst I try my best to get a good shot, his just seem so much better as he’s had the opportunity to play around with it and learn some basic techniques. Consider the following photo that I took with his camera:


Compared to a photo he took with the same camera:


I’ve been following Jocelyn’s ‘Learn with Me‘ Photography series on The Reading Residence blog with great interest but I feel like I have nowhere to go with this information without the right camera and I’ve been considering buying a camera which has been described as  the closest thing to a DSLR in compact form and which comes in around the £350 mark – a not inconsiderable amount of money to spend – but I’m a terribly indecisive person at the best of times so I need some encouragement here. I think it is a small price tag to put on something which will help me to capture the magic moments of my children’s lives whilst they are still so little – these days can never be bought back in the years to come but fantastic, beautiful photographs can be returned to and cherished. Or should I just hold out until September (thereby missing out on the entire summer) and invest in an iPhone? So confused – opinions please?

5 thoughts on “Better photos…

  1. As you know, I’ve been learning, and though I have a little point & shoot I’ve been using, and my iPhone 5, I’ve just invested in a better camera and I love it! It only arrived yesterday, so not got shots on the blog with it yet, but I will have soon! It’s wonderful – small and compact yet with loads of features – got an ex display model on eBay & it’s fab. A keen photographer I chat to on Twitter recommended it & as I’d expected to spend a similar amount to you and have to have something bulky, I jumped at it! So no, I don’t think you need to spend that much, but it’s up to you x

  2. Forget phones. The physics of light will never change no matter how clever the electronics or software get. Any half decent compact camera will have a larger lens/sensor than a phone so it will be better, even if you only ever use it on auto. My iPhone is fine if I have loads of light and my subject doesn’t move. For toddlers in Britain I have a DSLR.

    I usually try to make sure I get close so I fill the frame with the subject, get to their eye level, and focus on the eyes. It works occasionally :-).

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