The Anti-Valentines Movement

Anti-Valentines Day

This one’s for anyone who is dreading going on FaceBook today to see all those beautiful flowers, breakfasts in bed, chocolates, cards and other thoughtful little gestures that someone else’s lover did for them.

There’s plenty of single people out there who dread February 14th but that doesn’t mean that everyone who hates Valentines Day is not in a relationship.

My hubster does not believe in flowers, he does not believe in cards, he does not believe in gestures of any kind. The card I’ve bought will stay in its cellophane because I was told last night that I won’t be getting a card so why bother? cheese heart

I have given up on romance – I’m not sure whether I even care about it but what is nice is the idea that someone else has spent a minute to think about you (and admittedly a rushed purchase of a bunch of supermarket roses – beautiful as they may be, is not exactly something that involves any special thought about what makes one unique individual tick).

So for all those out there for whom this day provokes a cold prickly feeling inside, I feel your pain and I’d just like to remind you that we are all special, beautiful people and give you permission to go and buy yourself a little gift (my gift to me is a little Sainsburys Wensleydale heart with fig and salted caramel!)

5 thoughts on “The Anti-Valentines Movement

  1. I’m with you on the anti-valentines day! We don’t do it… mainly because it’s a bit forced, hubby hates cards too and well we used to do it, but a few yrs ago we bought cards in a shop when we were together, then completely forgot it was V day and then in the evening wrote them while standing next to each other and, well, it all just felt a bit pointless! So we agree not to do it but hearing everyone else’s flowers and present stories makes me ever so slightly wistful… I bought myself a new top this week, that was my treat to me 🙂 xxx

    • So glad I’m not alone! Sometimes other people’s FB posts just come across as smug. Some things you should just treasure and keep to yourself!! Glad you treated yourself to a little something too! X

  2. Me too, that’s why I’m currently making my way through a giant bar of Lindt. In our house we barely do birthdays and Christmas let alone a COMMERCIAL HOLIDAY (the horror). I think if my husband came home with flowers on V Day I’d pass out. Or slap him. Or both.

  3. When I worked in a newsroom it used to be amusing to see someone smugly displaying a bouquet that had been delivered on VD and then a mad panic of people rushing to the nearest shop to buy flowers as they had completely forgotten.

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