Word of the Week: Control


So, I’ve been having some stress in my life recently with regards a particular issue to do with my home which a particular family member has not only brought to our attention but also got heavily involved with in terms of trying to effect an outcome. Apologies for the vague nature of that description but suffice to say that this is a potential health and safety matter which has now been assessed by the powers that be who universally seem to agree that there is no real issue and nothing to suggest any health hazard (also providing advice on how to stay safe and monitor the situation).

If that had been the end of the matter then things would have been fine and dandy (I took the advice given and feel that this is the best way forward). Unfortunately the family member in question has not been so happy to take this matter on professional advisement and continued pushing for an outcome which could be deemed more satisfactory. Many email circles have been travelled. Many ‘disgruntled of this parish’ type letters drafted and, for me, an increasing sense of losing control of the situation and feeling that things were being escalated to levels beyond the scope of this situation.

I spoke to my mum about how I was feeling on Tuesday and she agreed that I needed to take control of the situation and politely ask the person in question to take a step back and let me take over. This I did when I next saw this person on Wednesday morning and it was agreed.

Since this time I have felt so much better – more in control of the situation, happier to be around the person in question and just generally less stressed about the whole thing. I know that I may be berated for the path I take next but at least I won’t have third parties speaking for me any more (which is a bit like having the hubster hooting my car horn whilst I’m driving because he’s offended at another driver – so wrong!).

Being in control of your destiny is a crucial step in the path to happiness and I’m just relieved that I’ve been able to get some back this week!

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Control

    • Thanks Alexandra – I know the person in question was just trying to help but is also a bit like a dog with a bone – just won’t let go!! It felt a bit like we were being treated as children who need someone to act for us but we’re grown adults!

  1. I’m glad you got that control back. It is frustrating when others take over like that (and yes, my husband once made the mistake of hooting the horn when I was driving – he’s not done it since..!) Hope it all improves now. Thanks for linking up with #WotW

    • My husband is the worst back seat driver – he fiddles with the radio, insists on having the window wide open when its freezing cold, turns the indicator on before I have a chance to do it – its sooooo annoying!!!

  2. Glad you’ve reigned back control and are feeling better about the situation. Sometimes people have the best of intentions, but try and take over with things that really aren’t their business to #WotW

  3. Anything that feels like hubby hooting the horn for you definitely shows that it is time to take back control!

    I’m glad you had your mum to talk to and turn to for support.

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