Indecision and Procrastination….

…are my two big enemies in life. Take books for example. I love reading and I’m always striving for that ‘perfect’ read – a book which I can come away from at the end feeling uplifted, enriched, inspired and entertained. I’ll happily take a word of mouth (or blog!) recommendation not really knowing much else about a particular volume, but I often find myself compelled to pop on to Amazon and have a quick shuffle through the reviews. Inevitably I read some great reviews and my finger hovers over the ‘Buy now’ button, then in creeps a decidedly underwhelming three star rating and I’m all turned off again.


Before having children I used to be a member of a book group and that was a great way of discovering some interesting and thought provoking reads without the need or indeed the reason, to vet the book chosen beforehand.

Of course this need to vet is also the case with products – even more so in fact. Anything electronic, any gadget and I’m desperate for the low down but nothing is ever good enough if even one person has rated it substandard (even if it is to their needs and in their opinion). *sigh*

I’m currently planning on buying a camera but I won’t tell you the make and model as I’m worried you will come back with further advice that will just confuse and confound me! As it is it took me the best part of three years to finally settle on a bicycle I was happy with and even now I have it I’m still a bit unsure if it has the right specifications…

Reading this recent post by Caroline at Becoming a Stay at Home Mum I am reminded of the chapter on procrastination from Time Management for Manic Mums. The author summarised a range of different types of procrastination and I now know that I’m the type who (unlike Caroline) puts projects off for fear that they will go wrong, or worse, be left started but unfinished due to either lack of time or motivation.

So, in the spirit of self improvement I have decided to use my blog as my motivation and tackle at least one thing from my To Do list every week. This week I will be paying for our TV licence renewal, my yearly road tax and finally buying that camera!

7 thoughts on “Indecision and Procrastination….

  1. Good for you! Very exciting news about the new camera! Thanks so much for the mention too, very lovely of you! I tend have the moments of procrastination due to possible failure when it comes to messy play. I envisage all the things that can go wrong which makes me not want to do it. I am trying to be braver though! The indecision I totally get – especially with reviews, I think sometimes reviews are more unhelpful as they just confuse the issue – you are never going to please all the people all the time! I procrastinate a lot with cleaning too… but that’s just because it is so tedious! xx 🙂 Thanks again for the mention 🙂

    • No worries Caroline – I loved your post and it inspired me to write this in a funny way. I’ve bought the camera – can’t wait to get my hands on it now and start finally taking some lovely pictures of the boys and life in general for the blog! Oh and I’m totally with you on putting off the messy play/baking etc. it scares the bejesus out of me for some reason! I’m not so bad with the cleaning though – I have such small windows of opportunity to do it that it wouldn’t get done at all if I didn’t just knuckle down! X 🙂

  2. A camera is a really hard thing to choose, and I am talking as a hardcore always-read-the-reviews-and-definitely-buy-the-best-gadget person. I think the difficulty with cameras is that they depend so much on the operator, which in my case, means a rather substandard one! Which one do you think you will be getting?

    I think it is a good idea to knock lists down one item at a time. My current one is thorough clean of the bathroom (groan) and yesterday I finally managed to get a refund from Norton anti-virus after about 6 years of procrastination – it took me all of 10 minutes!

    • Oh that’s cool Denise! I tried to cancel the Norton auto-renewal last year but they took the money anwyay and then I figured I’d need it anyway…

      I think you’re right about one thing at a time – I have to re-programme myself completely to accept that tackling things little by little you can actually achieve great things – especially where time is limited.

      I have gone ahead and bought a Sony RX100 advanced compact camera – not cheap but I wanted something I can easily carry around but that would still give me great quality and present the opportunity to improve my photography by allowing for manual operation as well as auto should I choose to get more serious about photography. This camera comes out top of a lot of polls in its category so I’m hopeful it will be a revelation to me – someone who has been putting up with a really crappy camera phone to document my children’s precious baby years!

      • The reviews do indeed look amazing! Hope you enjoy – I think compactness is a great bonus. I know I hardly ever get my big camera out because it is too unwieldy.

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