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Well, firstly, what’s not to like about the word shemozzle? This is another one, like ‘soppy date’ that I seem to remember my Mum using a lot when I was a kid. I always thought it meant a re-shuffling as in ‘shemozzling things around’. Now I look it up, it strictly means a bit of a muddle or a state of confusion. Either way, it feels like there has been a bit of shemozzling going on in the past couple of weeks because of the hubster having to drop days of childcare due to both training at work and work-related dealings with the Surrey floods. Now this week, with half term, JJ has been off on the day when my Mum usually drops him off and she had her hands full with the two of them come ‘Grandma Day’. My annual leave year runs from April to April so I have pretty much exhausted my available time off and the kids have been packed off to our childminder either as a duo or just JJ on his own.
Poor things don’t really know whether they’re coming or going and I wonder if this has left them feeling a bit unsettled and whether it has anything to do with EJ’s slightly broken nights, lots of little wakings and tears on and off throughout the night of late.

At any rate I am looking forward to normality returning in the next few weeks as the weather (pretty please) improves and school is back on!

And on the subject of ‘shemozzle’ – I’m quite keen to use some more of my favourite words in weeks to come – look out for ‘kerfuffle’, ‘discombobulate’ and ‘bamboozled’ 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Word of the Week:

    • I think it has Jewish origins Alex – I do quite like those Jewish words like Shemozzle and Schmuck – they have so much personality! I noticed that someone else had nabbed discombobulate! Must be in synch or something…

  1. I’d never heard this word before! Thanks so much for sharing it – I will endeavour to use it soon so that it becomes firmly implanted into my vocab! Hope normality soon resumes for you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Ha ha fantastic word! At first I thought it was made up, but now I know it is an actual word it is even more awesome! Will definitely add that to my vocab 🙂 Bless your littlies, at least half term is nearly over and things can get back to normal #wotw

    • Aw I know – and now I’ve had my day off with them and we’ve had a fab day! I think I might challenge all my blog buddies to try slipping the word shemozzle into a random sentence some time in the next week and see how many people were bamboozled 😉 by it! X

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