Word of the Week:

deja vu

Sorry if this is really two words and a bit of a cheat! This week as EJ turned 19 months, his behaviour has suddenly transformed somewhat – he has begun throwing things, hitting his brother over the head with his tippy cup/anything else to hand, dragging me about by the fingers and literally lobbing bits of chewed up food around the kitchen once he’s decided he doesn’t want any more.

I mentioned the fact that the Terrible Twos appear to have started early and my sister pointed out that this is why she always says the cutest age is 9-18 months. Almost immediately after those precious months the tantrums kick in and all the memories of early challenging behaviour in JJ have come flooding back (although, to be honest, JJ’s behaviour was challenging to me from birth onwards!).

On the other hand, he can still get away with most of it because who’s going to argue with this:


Still kinda cute after all…

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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week:

  1. I wrote a very similar post when my 2yo was this age. Although she displayed all the same terrible two behaviour that her big sister did, I didn’t get nearly as stressed second time and was able to be much more patient with her. Hopefully it’ll be the same for you #WotW

    • I think we just don’t have time to stress over it because there is too much chaos! Imagine what it will be like with three – I’m sure you’ll barely even notice! Hope all is going well with your new little man xx

  2. Oh dear, fun week for you then! Difficult but he is SUCH a cutie, I’m sure you can’t be cross with him for long 🙂 #wotw

  3. No, no, no! I say this, because Little Man turns 18 months in a few days, so you’re telling me I have this to come very soon?! And unfortunately, I’m in the same difficult spot as you, as we both have totally adorable little ones! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • Its the adorability that makes it all worthwhile Jocelyn! I remember feeling that life was easier when JJ turned two despite the tantrums because the crying and screaming was for a recognisable reason at least!!

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