And it was all yellow…

This week’s Theme Game theme from Jocelyn and Iona is “Yellow”.

In pondering the colour yellow I happened upon a few descriptions of what the colour symbolises. It is interesting to note that the colour yellow in heraldry used to symbolise honour and courage and yet nowadays its more likely to be used as a descriptive for cowardice.

Bright yellow is almost always cheerful, symbolising joy and happiness but can also be considered frivolous (you don’t see men dressed in bright yellow business suits or driving bright yellow BMWs)…
And then there are the daffodils… Spring!

Actually my first thought when I saw that this week’s theme was ‘yellow’ (and given the fact that this is a parenting blog) was that when I was first pregnant with JJ I went on to the Baby Centre website (as you do) to see what it was all about and did a bit of forum lurking. Not only did I notice the plethora of unneccessary acronyms (see this recent post by one of my favourite radical parenting bloggers Renegade Mothering) but that quite a lot of people had some quite cutesy message signatures including announcing whether they were ‘Team Blue’, ‘Team Pink’ or ‘Team Yellow’. I’m not quite sure how yellow (and not green/purple etc.) came to symbolise unknown gender in this context but either way it seemed to me a funny way of looking at the situation. I chose to find out the gender of both my babies at the 20 week scans – I could never have batted for Team Yellow. On the other hand I am no great fan of the blue/pink divide either and I bought lots of neutral colours for my baby’s bed and accessories anyway.

For want of anything more insightful to say on the subject I’ve knocked up a quick poem – please excuse the quality – its been years since I tried my hand at this!


Yellow is a ray of sunshine
Yellow is a fireman’s hat
Yellow is a stretch of golden sand
Or a smiley face like that 🙂

Yellow is a saffron curry
Yellow is a tart citroen
Yellow is a ripe banana
or a sponge with custard on

Yellow pages give you answers
Yellow jewellery gives you bling
Rubber duckies join you in the bath
Daffodils herald spring

A meadowful of dandilions and buttercups
Fireworks as they explode
And no journey of discovery would be complete
without the help of a Yellow Brick Road.

And just to completely give you the full on yellow sensation overload here are some of the predominantly yellow pics I’ve posted on my blog up to this date!:

The Reading Residence

19 thoughts on “And it was all yellow…

  1. Loving all of this fabulous yellow! It is funny how it did represent courage then, I didn’t know that. Yes, it is funny how there’s all of that Team Yellow talk – why yellow, as you say? I found out with my pair, too, though Boo kept me waiting until a scan at 36 weeks to reveal herself! And I love your poem – brilliant! Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

    • Thank you! I really enjoyed putting all this together this week – finding the photos (which I can’t stop looking at – just so vivid! I think I’ll have to copy you and make my own colour-themed Pinterest boards!) and writing the poem too, as well as looking back through some of the lovely pictures I’ve already used on my blog!

  2. What a gorgeous smorgasbord of yellow-love it! And I’d no idea that yellow used to be synonymous with courage, I might reintroduce that 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a fascinating post of all things yellow with #TheThemeGame

    • Thanks Iona! I’m beginning to think that maybe yellow actually used to symbolise loyalty and honour but apparently it does symbolise courage in Japan so there is some truth in it!

    • I really like bright colours and mixtures of colours – boys seem to have a lot more choice in that respect but then again I’m not really aware of what’s out there for girls having two boys!

    • I just don’t get all the hype over the ‘surprise’! I’d rather be surprised by an unexpected all expenses paid trip to the Maldives – now that’s a surprise I could go for!
      Gotta love a minion! X

  3. Lots and lots of yellow! Great poem and fab range of yellow pictures. My little ones are rather partial to Despicable me at the moment and lemon tart is my favourite dessert in the whole wide world! x Mel #TheThemeGame

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