Word of the Week: Angles

After deciding to join in with the BritMums March Photo Challenge via #SnapHappyBritMums last weekend I have found myself spending most of this week trying to come up with various angles to approach each day’s prompt word via the camera lens (and also the most interesting physical angles at which to begin clicking!). Some of them have proved easier than others and at other times I’ve found myself devising cunning schemes to provide a suitable subject matter (such as my idea to bake Cornish Pasties from scratch on “Cornwall” day – needless to say this fell by the wayside almost immediately!).

Some of the words have lent themselves nicely to photos I already have – such as my beautiful daffodil shot for St David’s Day, but some of the upcoming words have got me stumped! I think the most difficult one I can see on the list is the word ‘campaign’. I’m completely racking my brain and wondering whether I should start up my own campaign (with banners, obviously, for the photo opportunity!). Campaign for More Sunshine! Who’s with me?!

Joining up with Word of the Week over at The Reading Residence.

Below are my efforts so far!


The Reading Residence

19 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Angles

  1. I saw that you were doing this and I’m dead impressed! I looked at the list and was stumped by Cornwall (even though I have lots of old pics from cornwall, at the time my mind went blank)! So I am loving all of the angles you are taking! Good luck with the rest of the month and I look forward to seeing what you come up with! xx

  2. The daffodils look beautiful! I do not know how you manage to join new projects. I wish I could do more but it is all so overwhelming! I have just joined Twitter and I feel like I am just out of the dark ages… I do not have any idea what I am doing!
    campaign: I am sure you could find a newspaper headline about someone campaigning for a cause you care about. You could have a close picture of the article / headline, or a shot of the paper from further away with your breakfast next to it… Just an idea 🙂 x

    • Thanks Mel! Taking photos is pretty quick and easy compared to your amazing baking projects! I am exactly the same with Twitter – I feel like the whole Twitter networking thing is something I will never master…

    • Thank you! Ironically the beach photo was taken in a very cavalier way on my rubbish phone camera whilst on hols! It is actually quite arty though isn’t it?! On the other hand I really tried to get a great macro shot of the blossoms with my new camera!

      • Sometimes the best shots happen when you’re totally not trying, and vice versa. I think the lighting helps – shooting into beautiful bright sunshine usually creates a gorgeous photograph.

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