An afternoon at RHS Wisley

Friday afternoons are usually all about one thing: Softplay! We have been meeting up at one softplay or another with our NCT friends of over four years every week since the kids were suddenly too old to be contained in any one person’s living room. This week however I’d been given the heads up that RHS Wisley, which is only about a 30 minute drive from where we live,  was to be having a rare ‘free entry’ day, so I suggested that we take a break from the norm, particularly as the weather forecast (bizarrely) predicted a dry day and even, possibly, a glimpse of sunshine!


I am also mindful of the fact that those of us who had autumn babies have been given an extra year for fun activities at various attractions during school term time as our children have till September before turning five and starting at ‘big school’.

Unfortunately JJ was feeling really rough with a bad cold and cough but he insisted that he wanted to meet up with his friends and I thought that maybe a bit of fresh air and sunshine would do him good.


When we arrived at the car park at 1.30pm I suddenly realised that ‘free entry’ day is actually extemely popular! I even thought we might be turned away initially but fortunately Wisley has an absolutely massive car park and we had no trouble finding a spot as they had laid on extra parking marshals for the day.

The one big disappointment was finding out that the Butterflies in the Glasshouse event, which ends on Sunday the 9th, was going to be off the cards for us as there was an 80 minute queue when we arrived, no buggies allowed in the Glasshouse and with four four year olds, a 19 month old, 14 month old and a 6 month old there was no way we were going to get anywhere near any little colourful flitters!

I also found it a lot more difficult than I anticipated trying to stop and take any arty photos of anything really, especially as I haven’t mastered my camera’s settings at all and didn’t have time to play around with the menu – hence the glaringly bright lilies under the glasshouse roof!

On the good side the kids got a good run about in the fresh air, we got a drink in the cafe and EJ had a whale of time being let out of the buggy (his brother was too poorly to walk very far but perked up a lot after a bit of a sit down and a drink outside the cafe). EJ was definitely in his element letting out excited little squeals and doing his jaunty little side-step skip combo along the paths.

All in all not a bad outing despite the crowds and JJ’s poorly self. I look forward to being able to visit later in the season though when I have more time and knowledge to take better pictures as well as more colourful and varied photo opportunities! And hopefully JJ will be back to good form soon (ironically he has been in rude health all winter but only now the end is in sight has he succumbed to illness).

Linking up for the first time to Country Kids on the Coombe Mill blog.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

6 thoughts on “An afternoon at RHS Wisley

  1. The gardens looks beautiful and it’s a shame that you weren’t able to get inside to see the butterflies but as you said it was a free entry day and very popular! It sounds and looks like the children had a great fun time together in the Spring sunshine. Welcome and thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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