My creative challenge

Well, I promised Caroline at Becoming a Stay at Home Mum that I would attempt to join her Creative Challenge linky this week although I have nothing very clever or even child-friendly here! I’m also sure that the whole photography thing is getting a bit old now but I am still enjoying carrying my new camera everywhere with me and just trying stuff out! I am constantly discovering new things to do with it as it seems to have secret advice and instructions cropping up just when you least expect it. Yesterday I discovered ‘Pop Colours’ which auto adjusts colours in your photo to make them ‘pop’ which I love. Here’s my attempt using pop colours:


Here’s an extreme macro shot of my Ruby & Millie compact:


Another attempt at a cheeky angle:


An impromptu portrait:


A candid capture:


And an experiment with shutter speeds:

I still have so much more to learn but in the meantime I’m pretty happy with my camera and having the chance to get creative – it has made me look at the world in a new way just as blogging has enhanced every experience I have or thought that occurs to me (could I blog about this?) the camera is encouraging me to see the potential in every mundane item or moment. Its the moment that the act of visual note-taking or logging subtly transforms into art and its making me very happy right now!

Creative Challenge
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14 thoughts on “My creative challenge

  1. Love this post and it’s perfect for The Creative Challenge Sam! Looks like you are really getting to grips with your camera, with some fantastic results! I totally agree with what you say about blogging making you think about things differently. there are so many times I ask myself can I blog about this? Love that your camera is making you look at things like that too. You’re going to have so many fantastic shots of your boys! Thanks so much for linking up with #creativechallenge

  2. I love playing with my camera, so much fun isn’t it? And I know exactly what you mean about blogging-it’s a great way to stay engaged with everything around us, even the day to day. And it’s because of blogging that I’ve fallen in love with photography all over again.

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