Word of the Week: Lacklustre


Both children have succumbed to a little virus in the past week, and the knock-on effect for me has been increasing tiredness and now, finally, the first signs of a cough rearing its ugly, phlegmy head. Just as Spring is attempting to stamp down the last of Winter and allow us all to move on, it feels like we’ve fallen at the last hurdle.

As we speak I am desperately squirting Vicks First Defence up my nose and swigging down a pint of effervescent Vitamin C with Zinc, but I fear it is all for nought as the sleep deprivation is determined to drag my immune system down with it.

JJ was always a bit of a night-time cougher which was annoying for me but he generally sleep-coughed so there was no actual role for me to play other than Model for EarFit earplugs (which I still ram in last thing each night). EJ on the other hand, (who has never really suffered with a cough and cold of this nature before), is bursting into inconsolable tears with every little hack and tickle. As you can imagine, the frequency is enough to induce hallucinatory recollections of life with a newborn – those zombie-eyed small hours of hushing and shushing.

So yes, I’ve been feeling a little lacklustre and I can only hope that by next week this dull, spaced out feeling will be replaced by resplendent radiance and verve! (What are the odds?…)

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24 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Lacklustre

  1. Hope you’re all on the mend soon. I swear by strong rooibus tea with a spoon of good quality honey as a cough remedy xx #WotW

    • Mmm – not a big fan of the rooibus! I normally just do hot water with lemon juice and honey. I have really started to swear by this nasal spray though – I feel like it has already got to work on this cold/cough that was coming and begun to reduce and ward it off. Just a pity you can’t administer it to kids under 12 though! X

  2. Oh dear. Sympathies! We’ve had two snotty Chicks in the coup (oh god, did I really just say ‘coup’?) this week, and they’ve coped very well. However, the sight of yellowy-green crust on both of their cute little noses is not quite so charming any longer (was it ever?). I wish you a speedy recovery! (Keep taking the potions, even if all they give you is a placebo).

    • Thanks! I will keep trying with the nasal spray as I believe it is one of the only over the counter products which actually does make any difference to a cold/cough if you catch it early enough!

  3. aww bless you that sucks! Seems loads of people are ill at the moment – hubby and Monkey have been a bit rough this week though Monkey didn’t get it too badly – I somehow seem to have avoided it so far… hope you all feel better soon! xxx

  4. No! Not after I’ve just read about all your exciting plans, so full of energy! I adore my kids, of course, but I’m not a big fan of their germ-like tendencies. I used to be so healthy before motherhood… 😉 Hope you’re feeling better soon, and the boys x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Hm. I was discussing this with a friend today and she remembered a previous horrendous sleep deprivation cough I had which was definitely when I was pregnant with EJ as I had mentioned not being able to take any kind of medicine at the time. i really must have been a sleep deprivation cough bore!! I had a another hideous five week bout last Jan/Feb and yes, you’re right I’d never been so ill before kids!!

    • Thanks Rhiannon. I think echinacea is another one of those preventatives which you probably have to take consistently over a period of time and I’m rubbish at doing that – I never remembered to take my Pregnacare for more than a couple of weeks when I was pregnant!

  5. Sorry to hear about these problems. I think we need a little more sun to come and warm and relax our bodies into a state where they are so radiant that germs will be instantly zapped.

    • My thoughts entirely Denise! As I write I am listening to my poor little EJ hacking away upstairs in his cot. He seems to be getting a bit more used to it now though bless him, not as much crying after each and every bout!

    • Thank you! I like the word Lacklustre – I’m a really wordy person so its always a challenge to find the most descriptive and interesting word to describe the experience! I’m just hoping (?*!) to have a week that can be summed up the word ‘Kerfuffle’ soon!! (Or am I???)

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