There’s been a bit of a virus going around – first JJ suffered and had the onset of a chesty cough, then it swept EJ up and he has been experiencing his first proper cold and cough which has been a bit of rude awakening (quite literally).

Poor EJ has not been his cheery, independent little self at all for the past week; lots of night time coughing and crying as well as clinginess during the day. Having said that his little explorer’s spirit remains irrepressible. This weekend he has:


done a bit of freewheeling


Slipped and slided


Tunnelled his way to freedom


Ascended the dizzy heights and:


created a new art installation for my Mum and Dad using just their perspex side table and his own body (dummy and muzzy optional, or not as the case may be!)

Exhausting? Completely. Entertaining? Undoubtedly! Silver linings and magic moments eh?

Linking up to What’s the Story at PODcast the Doves and Magic Moments at The Olivers’ Madhouse

18 thoughts on “Irrepressible

  1. Oh gosh one of the kid in my son’s preschool has got chickenpox and im scared to death cuz I have this theory that my son is a virus magnet.

    hopefully he wont get this one.

    Your son is like a ball of energy! So nice to see he is better!


    • Hm, good point – in training to be an illusionist! How cool I would love one of my sons to be an illusionist for a living (but only if it doesn’t involve any actual danger – no Houdini underwater stunts!)

  2. Scarlet fever going the rounds local to us :-0 Genius pictures – both him for getting into those positions and you for snapping him in the tunnel and the box.

  3. That photo in the tunnel is brilliant, and so is the one in the side table (looks like he is stuck in an ice-cube!). He does have really red cheeks, bless him. Hope he gets better soon. x Mel

  4. Oh wow I just love these photos. The tunnel is ace and the last one just cracks me up. They’re so funny aren’t they. So glad he’s a bit happier now. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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