Word of the Week: Piracy!

Captain Pugwash

OK so it maybe wasn’t quite as eventful a week as the title may lead you to believe! But, it started with JJ going off to school in his pirate T-shirt (just about the coolest faux ‘uniform’ t-shirt I’ve ever seen, it even came with its own eye-patch  – thanks H&M!) and getting some admiring comments, pirate t-shirtand it continued with myself and the hubster sharing a rare moment of unity over the movie ‘Captain Phillips’ in which a US cargo ship is hijacked by Somali pirates. It has to be said that Tom Hanks does a brilliant job portraying the poor captain who had to suffer through this traumatic experience (its based on a true story). It also brings a very real and quite terrifying twist to the way we think of ‘pirates’ in general – its not all ‘Argh Jim Lad!’, parrots on shoulders and Captain Pugwash! My uncle works as a Captain for Maersk, the company which Captain Phillips was with when this heinous act of terror occurred and it really hit home – particularly for my cousin who had watched the movie recently as well and mentioned her own thoughts on Facebook. And talking of Captain Pugwash, I am suddenly reminded of some of the wonderful childrens TV programmes from my youth – including Paddington voiced by the inimitable Michael Horden, Dangermouse, Roobarb and Custard and Nutty Noah and Niggly Nelly! Well i know what I’ll be ordering from Amazon for JJ’s next round of DVD loving (and no, before you ask, it will not involve any kind of video piracy!).

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21 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Piracy!

  1. Love your word! I’ve not seen that film, so will have to check it out. Yes, I do find it interesting how ‘cheery’ and fun we’ve made pirates, and yet they’re actually terrifying criminals – odd society we live in! And loving the idea of those DVDs – enjoy 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Is that that CBeebies TV programme? We’ve watched it a few times but JJ goes through phases of only wanting to watch one thing – it used to be Mr Tumble but just lately its been Topsy and Tim.

  2. Good word! I really want to see that film and very interesting that you have an insight into the situation from a relative, must make it all seem even more real. Loving the memories of childhood tv progs at the end, gotta love a bit of dangermouse 🙂 xx #wotw

    • It is weirdly close to home… My uncle worked in the South China Seas for years though as the captain of exploration oil tankers. Not sure he’s ever been near Somalia… My cousin worked on rigs off Angola though and that sounds pretty freaky. Oh and I’ve just remembered my uncle had a scary experience when he was a rig master and one (or more?) of his staff tried to get out their contracts by running around the rig with machetes! Yes there were some awesome programmes in the 70s & 80s! X

  3. Nice word to sum up your week, I love it! The T-shirt is fab. Crevette was given ‘The Pirates next Door’ for his birthday last year and it is a great read for the little ones. x Mel

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