Who needs theme parks?

On Saturday morning the hubster expressed a desire to have a lie in. He promised me that if I took the kids out for an hour then he would take us all out for lunch. Since I was already up, we were all breakfasted and dressed and the sun seemed to be making some guest appearances I decided to take him up on the offer. My initial thought was, what can we do that’s ‘different’, interesting and fun? Then JJ intervened by suggesting I retrieve his bicycle from the back garden so that he could cycle down to our local playground and I gave in to the pressure!

As it is we are very lucky to live a five minute walk away from a recreation ground which includes a huge playing field (linked to a local rugby club) and a cricket club, a large L-shaped pond with plenty of ducks and anglers, and a pretty amazing playground which was completely re-landscaped and refurbished in June 2010. The playground has plenty of swings, a separate sandpit area, musical objects (drums, etc.), a variety of spinners and no less than three big basket swings as well as all the usual slides, roundabouts and a big rope climbing pyramid. It’s a lovely place to take a picnic on a sunny summer’s day, but a cold March morning meant that we almost had the place to ourselves.

Eventually we were driven away by the onset of a freezing hale shower (!) but it won’t be long before we’re back for more!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


17 thoughts on “Who needs theme parks?

  1. We adore going to the park, and go at least a few times a week. The one nearest us isn’t amazing but we have a fair few good ones within a twenty minute walk. Yours looks great, and the photos are fab! x

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