Siblings April 2014

I appreciate that not only have I never taken part in this link up before but I’m also posting on the wrong day. Still, never mind its the thought that counts!

And besides I captured this gorgeous moment between my two boys JJ (4) and EJ (20 months) this morning and I just feel like it needs an airing:


They really are finally getting to that stage of playing and laughing together and at the same time JJ is ridiculously protective of his little brother whenever we go anywhere and let EJ off the reigns as it were. He runs after him if he thinks he’s about to disappear and gets himself in a right pickle but at least it shows he really cares!


dear beautiful

10 thoughts on “Siblings April 2014

    • Its lovely, and after posting this I realised that I could probably have added a few others of them together taken in April too but this one does stand alone. Some of the others in the link up look like proper full on professional photo shoots – I’m gobsmacked (and a little jealous!) of all the photographic talents out there – its actually making me re-assess my decision not to buy a DSLR…

    • Thank you! As I was saying to my dad its just not quite properly focussed and crisp as I would have liked it to have been but sometimes you’ve just got to capture the moment while you’ve got the chance!

    • It is wonderful Katie! And it makes it all worthwhile going through the strains and struggles of dealing with two at the same time with all their varying needs whilst slightly jealously eyeing up all those one-child parents!

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