Word of the Week: Indecision

IndecisionOK, so it hasn’t been a completely indecisive week – I finally got around to making provisional bookings for both children’s birthday parties (July & September) and I was really quite decisive about how I wanted my hair cut (a bit of long layering) (and besides, after an 8 month wait anything was going to be an improvement!).

But then, I went to book an appointment for a (well overdue – slapped wrist!) cervical smear only to find that the only day I’m really free is the one day of the week that there is no Well Woman clinic running at my surgery. So now I have to decide whether to take annual leave from work, or try and find a babysitter to get this unpleasant, but ultimately essential task done…

Of more interest (but obviously less importance!) to me is the question of BritMums Live. This one has been running through my mind lately.

There are so many reasons why I would love to go. I want to grow my blog and I’m very keen to learn what I could be doing to improve my process. Maybe I’m even toying with the idea of offering my *amazing* promotional skillz to a few brands and maybe a great way of getting the ball rolling would be to actually meet some…

Maybe I just feel the need to actually meet other people who know exactly what I mean when I say that not a day goes by when I’m not thinking about my blog, potential blog posts and looking forward to the magic moment I get to shut my kids’ bedroom doors and escape into the Narnia of the Blogosphere…Reading posts like this from Wry Mummy make me think “Hell yeah, count me in, lets get that Prosecco flowing!” and then feel a small stab of exclusion at the thought of missing out on this opportunity which will undoubtedly be reviewed and discussed endlessly by many names that have become famous to me over the last 10 months.

The problems are these: the expense and the time. Its not particularly cheap and, although I think it would be worth it to me for the experience, I fear that I haven’t actually managed to impart to the hubster just how huge a part of my existence blogging has become since last June. I don’t even know if they’re still selling tickets…

Help – advice please!!!

The Reading Residence

20 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Indecision

  1. Oh, decisions! I’m not very good at these, and we’ve got lots of big ones to make… Sounds like you’ve made the really important ones though!


  2. I’m feeling exactly the same about Brit Mums, really want to go on the one hand but not 100% sold…

    Good luck with the smear, best to get it out the way early doors if you can. At least it’s only once every three years 🙂


  3. I hope you find a way to sort out the smear-our surgery is associated with walk in clinics where you can pop in. It might be worth seeing if you could try it that way? For what it’s worth, I’d just take little one with me if I needed to-they’ll be fine for a couple of minutes if they’re right next to you. And Britmums, well I agree there’s a lot of expense and I would need an overnight stay. Which is why I’m not going. I’ve got a ticket for Tots100 Blog Camp and they do various ones around the country which are free. Or you have the Britmums meet up’s? Just my thoughts xx

    • Thanks Iona – I am lucky enough that my parents live about a 25 minute train ride outside of Waterloo and I’m well versed in getting from there to the City as I went to City University to do my Masters. I also have an Oyster card. I was expecting my most troublesome issue to be the hubster disagreeing with the whole idea of me taking time away from him and the kids but I broached the subject with him and he was actually quite amenable (even offering to take time off work if necessary!). I didn’t know about the Tots100 Blog Camps – will have to look into that especially if they’re free! Thanks for the advice! X

  4. I would love to go to brit mums but again the expense is a big issue. I am still new to blogging so this would be the ideal place to learn more but more importantly is the fact that virtually no one in my RL know I blog so to be able to arrange to go would leave me with a lot of explaining as I am a single mum so I would have to arrange babysitting! Maybe we should set up a blog saving linky to enable us to afford to go next year 🙂 #WotW

    • Well to be fair it wouldn’t actually seem that much money if you had a whole year to put the money aside! I’m lucky in that I could stay with my parents who live just outside London, and travel by train & tube.

  5. I’m feeling exactly the same about BritMums too! I just wonder if I’m too new to really get the good out of it this year, and also I’m a bit petrified of standing awkwardly on my own 😉 That said, I think we all feel a bit like this, don’t we? Maybe we’ll both bite the bullet and I’ll see you there! Xx

    • We definitely all feel a bit like this Emma! I have shoved that part of the process into the back of my mind because I know that that’s probably the scariest but most worthwhile part – the opportunity to meet new people and learn some new stuff at the same time. A few of us could always arrange a bit of a pre-conference meet up and drink on Twitter!

    • A lot of these things do seem to happen in London don’t they? I was thinking maybe if the conference was held someone much further away from me it would be easier to justify leaving my children with someone else overnight but then there would be the extra expense….

  6. Hmm, decisions, decisions! Well, you’ve made a few at least. I’d go with Iona’s point about the smear and take little one with me if need be. I certainly wouldn’t put it off, so hope you can sort something soon. As to Britmums, it’s a tricky one. I’m going to the Tots100 blog camp instead as it’s free and 20 minutes from me, so makes more sense for me. I can’t really justify the expense of Britmums, with travel & hotel, too, though I’ll no doubt be sitting glued to the live feed on awards night! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. Well, I am going to BritMums, I didn’t last year and I actually bought my ticket during last years conference 🙂 But, I only just recently decided I was definitely, definitely going to do it when a friend announced that they were getting married the following weekend, so I’m now justifying the trip (to myself) as really being for the wedding…! I can’t wait actually… Is it bad that a week away from the kids (and everything else) is making me so excited?! I don’t think I would have got as much out of it last year, my blog would have been 7 months old at the conference, I feel that this year I will really benefit from it – and I cannot wait to meet everyone 🙂

    • It did seem like quite a long way to come just for the BritMums conference! I’m more and more coming round to the idea of coming now as I know it will be a lot cheaper for me than it is for many others. Although my blog is still under a year old, but surely this is the best time to come as I know there is so much for me to learn and so much I may find out that I wasn’t even aware of before… Would also be great to meet a few people 🙂

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