Another day, another fun farm park…

Yep, this time round it was the turn of Fisher’s Farm Park in Sussex to receive our attentions. Actually it was the idea of the outlaws who had picked up on what is suddenly and out of the blue, turning into a bit of a half sibling mutual appreciation society between JJ and his half sister – The Girl. As it is the school holidays and they were aware of the fact that she has a lot to contend with at home at the moment with the recent arrival of a new baby into her mother’s life, they suggested a day out all together and they knew that Fisher’s was a place The Girl has loved going in the past. Indeed when they told her where they were thinking of taking her she hooted with joy!

Despite the fact that it is, at heart, a farm we really didn’t spend much of our time looking at any animals (bit like going to Chessington these days and completely glossing over the fact that there is still a zoo there). No, I spent a great deal of my time chasing after this little escapee:


Sitting still here but not for long before he was off to:

Ride the Toddler Race Track,


Do some tunnelling,


Scale a small fort,


And partake of the Toddler Zipwire, before joining his siblings for a ride on The Big Red Tractor (this was the bit where we actually got to see some sheep, cows, goats and chickens for all of about 30 seconds)


I also managed to witness JJ coming down a steep slope in a rubber ring:

While their sister tried out this tall, elasticky climing thing and the big kids zipwire:

It was all a bit manic but I did manage to find time to stop and appreciate the beauty of this lovely blossom tree as we were leaving:

Which is really all I have to say about that.

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8 thoughts on “Another day, another fun farm park…

  1. Looks like the perfect day out for the kids! I find that any day out that’s involved me crazily running about and chasing them always tends to be a popular one with them! Lovely blossom at the end there, too x

    • Thanks Jocelyn – yes you’re absolutely right – they all had a ball! I’m just sad that I saw so little of the older two because they went off in a completely different direction half the time!

  2. Can’t believe there is still a zoo at Chessington! I pictured it being taken over by rides a long time ago. This farm looks delightful, so many imaginative climbs and explorations for children to go on.

    • Its a lovely place Denise, so much for the kids to do. As for Chessington – well I think there’s still a zoo there – albeit in toned down form – there was last time I went there which must be two or three years ago… or maybe more… I’m sure there’s a little monorail ride called ‘Safari Skyway’ which takes you over a lot of the animal enclosures…

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