We’re not in Kansas anymore! Or, “the one where I got my blog re-designed”…

Well you might have noticed that things have changed a bit around here! That’s because the blog’s had a bit of a face-lift by the wonderfully talented Helen at Ellie Illustrates. I had been noticing Helen’s unique talents popping up all over the blogosphere and I had a little theme in mind that I wanted to work into my blog but I have zero artistic talent myself (and little idea of how to migrate a self-drawn picture onto a blog either!) so I thought I’d go professional!

As I think I might have mentioned before I love my Dorothy shoes:


And as it happens, I also love The Wizard of Oz. The story is such a lovely allegory with such vivid characters and memorable themes. It really speaks of those angst filled teenage years when we don’t really know where we’re going, who we’re going to be or how we’re going to get there.

Here is my initial sketch which I sent Helen:


For the purposes of this blog, I’ve adapted the theme – essentially I’m a mummy who found parenthood a bit of a shock to the senses, I was whisked into a whirlwind of breastfeeding, dummies, bibs and bouncers and its only my trusty Costa lattes that have seen me safely through the baby years!

I love the bold, unmistakably Ozian (?) colour palate – YELLOW brick road, RUBY slippers and EMERALD city. I will no longer be referring to my children as monkeys but munchkins henceforth.

I feel like I’ve finally found my online identity!


Creative Challenge

31 thoughts on “We’re not in Kansas anymore! Or, “the one where I got my blog re-designed”…

  1. Sam I LOVE it! Fantastic, and I feel it fits your blog perfectly! Loving your original sketch and she has adapted it so well! Your Dorothy shoes are amazing so i am very VERY glad to see them linked to your design! I really love it, you must be so chuffed with it! Thank you so much for linking with #creativechallenge !! xx

    • Thanks Caroline!! It is pretty cool isn’t it?! I couldn’t help but link up a second post to Creative Challenge because, despite the fact that it was Helen who actually interpreted and drew this and provided all the artistic talent, I do feel very much like this is my baby – I had this vision of the theme as a whole as I think my original sketch shows! So glad you like it too! X

  2. It is fab honey, really lovely! Helen is a great artist. I need to get my own blog redesigned and switch over to self hosted… So many things on the to-do list, so little time xx

    • Thank you! I’m still shying away from self-hosted… I know I’m not technical enough if anything goes wrong and unfortunately I don’t have an IT whizz husband like some people!! 🙂

  3. I love your new design, Helen is brilliant! Most importantly though, I really love the thought behind it – so clever to use the concept of the Wizard of Oz. Isn’t that what parenting is like – being carried into a world we know nothing about, and figuring it out step by step?! Really fab!xx

    • Aw thanks Emma – I’m so glad that people are getting this and agreeing that it works so well in this context! I am so pleased with the header Helen has done for me. Talented lady. X

  4. I love this idea and the new look it’s amazing. Wizard of oz is fantastic and calling them munchkins I love it even more. Sounds like you know where to direct your lovely blog and it turned out great. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and sharing this with all over us. it’s great! Hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  5. Love the look, I had Helen design mine too and she is amazing. Love the idea behind it too, the Wizard of Oz is a fab film x

    • Thank you! She is pretty awesome. I had a look at her promotional website beforehand and I saw yours and Potty Mouth Mummy’s and You Baby Me Mummy, amongst others and I knew I could trust her to do a great job! Its nice having a theme too. Wizard of Oz is definitely one of my faves! X

    • Ooh will have to look out for that Sarah – I just saw another one she did the other day too and I loved it! I wish I had that kind of artistic talent! It is really exciting waiting for the proofs – I asked her to make a few changes when I first saw mine – it didn’t feel quite right initially but she listened to everything and I absolutely love the finished product! Don’t be afraid to ask for any changes you might think of – she’s very amenable!

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