Word of the week: Outside!


Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of sunshine can turn your life around in 24 hours? Last weekend we had two outings – one to Fisher’s Farm Park and one to Hampton Court (post to follow!) and on Monday we were very kindly invited over to a friend’s house to take part in a little impromptu Easter Egg Hunt in their garden, which will be the first of three for the munchkins! (God help us when the chocolate *really* kicks in!!).

My mum also took the pair of them to Alice Holt Forest on Wednesday morning for a picnic and apparently the place was heaving! She was relieved that they had arrived relatively early because cars were literally being turned away by the time they left.

I took an early finish from work the same day and we went into town to buy JJ some new sandals. At the weekend we had taken them both to have their feet measured and buy new shoes at Clarks for the first time in ages (bad Mummy!). JJ had been wearing shoes a size too small for goodness knows how long and EJ had been running around in an old pair of JJ’s which were practically falling apart. EJ got some very lovely Doodles and cute sandal/shoes:

whilst JJ insisted he must have this pair with a plane on the side and flashing lights when you stamp. They look a bit like bowling shoes but he’s not bothered!

flashing aeroplane shoesUnfortunately they didn’t have any in his size so they had to order them in. We will pick them up this weekend and then the outside world is his oyster again!!

Late afternoons have been spent playing in our back garden instead of cooped up inside together.

Today we are heading off to Clandon Park (a National Trust property) with friends for the NT Easter Egg trail. We’ve been to one of these before when The Girl was about four and there are lots of kids activities laid on as well as the trail so we are looking forward to that a lot.

There is definitely that strange feeling that everything has changed almost overnight, from cold, wet, cloudy days spent touring the soft plays of North East Hampshire to a blue-skied holiday vibe – we are finally coming out of hibernation!


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20 thoughts on “Word of the week: Outside!

  1. Great word and sounds like a lovely week. Those shoes look cute, and hope you’ve enjoyed your egg hunt? We’ve been to an NT property this afternoon on an Easter egg trail, too. Busy there, but sunny and fun. Thanks for sharing with #WotW and I’m loving your new blog header x

    • Thank you! Yes we went to Clandon Park with our friends and it was lovely (although there was one moment when I lost track of EJ and had that completely panicked mummy moment!). Unfortunately due to a massive lack of planning and organisation on my part I ended up spending about £16 on a few sandwiches and drinks!!

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