TTFB Easter Round Up

023Here at TTFB (Then The Fun Began) we like a bit of chocolate. I say ‘we’, the children in particular like to indulge! As we’re pretty secular people Easter then, like for so many others I’m sure, becomes a festival of the egg-shaped variety.

I have to admit that I’ve had a bit of an epic fail on the Easter crafts front and just oohed and aahed in awe at all the lovely stuff all you talented people have been up to (footprint chick cards, toilet roll Easter bunnies and chocolate nest cakes to name a few!). Fortunately my munchkins don’t know any different so they were just happy to be introduced to the concept of the Easter bunny (although the thought of a giant bunny lurking around your house after dark apparently does have sinister overtones…).

So here is some of the stuff we’ve been up to:

Our Easter fun began on Monday with a little impromptu egg hunt at my lovely friend Vicky’s house with her two gorgeous girls.

On Good Friday we visited Clandon Park, a National Trust property where they were holding one of Cadbury’s Easter Egg Trails. We visited with another best friend and her two boys and I finally paid up for NT membership and received an exciting pack of booklets, maps and stickers.

For the trail, you are issued with ‘Eggsplorer’ passports, maps and do-it-yourself paper explorer’s pith helmets and follow six clues leading you to cross off one of six Easter egg pictures one at a time leaving only the magic Lulu bird’s egg and proving that you are worthy of delving in to a large cardboard treasure chest full of funny face chocolate eggs and having your passport duly stamped.

Here is a picture of the boys in their helmets with Clandon House in the background:


JJ came across this gigantic Lulu bird footprint:


And EJ was let off the leash for a run in the fresh air  (completely disappearing for a heartstopping five minutes!):


It was a lovely day trip and the boys had so much fun.

Then this morning the munchkins awoke to find little eggs hidden all over the downstairs of my parents’ house and JJ (extremely quickly it has to be said) rounded them all up, dishing out a fair share into his little brother’s easter bucket. Then it was chocolate for breakfast all round.

Later on my sister, brother in law and nieces joined us for a lovely Sunday roast and we exchanged even more chocolate!

I have already researched what to do with leftover Easter Egg chocolate as this much in one go frankly, scares the pants off me! I shall shortly be attempting chocolate chip cookies made with smashed up eggs which can then be divided and conquered by whoever fancies a nibble!

All in all a lovely (if somewhat pagan!) celebration with friends and family!

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24 thoughts on “TTFB Easter Round Up

  1. What a great weekend, and some great photos (which I am guessing you took?) The glittery yellow egg with all the others blurred in the background is particularly good.

    I did think it was funny about the giant bunny – it reminded me of Donnie Darko. And I guess we have become used to the idea, but it is a bit of a weird idea if you stop to think about it.

    I thought it was so sweet the way JJ shared his eggs. I used to do that with my younger sister, and my eldest used to be like that with hers – that protective, companionable thing

  2. Looks like a brilliant Easter to me! Unfortunately, my Little Man is currently sick, and I’, still not sure whether it’s a bug that’s got him from our weekend outing, or he’s just not used to the chocolate/sugar he ate yesterday. Time will tell, I suppose!

    • The eggs trail was popular but the place is so big and spread out that it didn’t feel like you were right on top of anyone else really. Having said that the queue for the cafe was a bit tedious! The Easter decoration is all my Mum’s idea but it does look really cute doesn’t it?!

  3. Oh it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who failed when it comes to Easter crafts. Someday I’m going to ace it! 🙂 Love your Easter decorations and looks like your little ones had loads of fun… Isn’t that what really matters though? #WhatsTheSTory.

  4. What a great weekend you’ve had. Sounds like you’ve been having lots of Easter fun. It made me laugh you’ve been at Clandon, only as we’ve been at Hatchlands today – just 2 miles up the road. They’re both great. Sounds like the Easter trail there was great. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    • What a coincidence Charly – we attempted to visit Hatchlands this afternoon but only waited ten minutes in the car park queue before throwing in the towel! It was heaving!! Clandon is a lovely place to visit though isn’t it? Thank you for hosting X

  5. What a lovely time you all had 🙂 Your photos are fab, so amazing how much they’ve improved since you began blogging. Well done xx

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