‘In-cot’ hilarity

Sometimes when you have a second child you wonder what you were thinking during those fevered days of family planning. It’s double trouble. It’s mischief and mayhem. It’s refereeing and fending off the green eyed monster. And it’s twice as tiring and demanding (goodness knows how people cope with more than two!). But then there are those moments of sheer wonder – the growing bond, the teamwork, the companionship.

For me, the first signs of brotherly love began to show the day JJ came running through to the room I share with EJ (and still do now) and jumped into the cot with him first thing in the morning. Of course initially I was a bit worried about EJ’s safety – JJ was a boisterous 3 year old and bounced around that enclosed space like Tigger on acid. But as EJ has grown and developed he began to beam as soon as a pyjama-clad JJ came bounding into the room shouting his name gleefully. A bit of cot wrestling results in them both collapsing in fits of giggles and JJ sometimes even brings his portable DVD through and plays EJ a bit of his favourite – Chuggington. I actually overheard him the other day saying to EJ “you like Chuggington don’t you?” to which EJ readily responded “Yeah” – so cute when you consider that EJ probably had no idea what he’d just been asked but it demonstrated this companionable togetherness and made me feel just a little bit more in love with them both (if that’s possible!).

On Wednesdays my mum arrives to look after the children after I’ve left (but whilst hubster is still in bed sleeping on for a late shift). JJ has a tall stair gate across his doorway as his room faces the top of a steep flight of stairs. He’s never tried to climb over it before but last week she reported that he had pulled his little table/stool over, somehow flung himself over the top and she found him lying next to EJ in the cot! I do believe the time may have come to put them in together!!

I don’t have any recent pictures as I generally don’t have my camera with me first thing in the morning, but here’s an older one which demonstrates those ordinary moments of morning ‘in-cot’ hilarity:



13 thoughts on “‘In-cot’ hilarity

  1. Aww this is gorgeous, I love that he runs in to see his baby brother! They will have a lot of fun sharing a bedroom together I’m sure. I am hoping those wonderful moments make the stressful times of having more than one kiddy, suddenly feel worth it! Xx

    • Its so lovely Caroline, it really does make it all worthwhile. This bedtime they were running up and down the hall landing chasing each other before their bath laughing hysterically and I said to JJ you two are best friends aren’t you and he agreed. It was so sweet X

  2. Ahh this is sooooo sweet. I love hearing about sibling bonds and love. I bet they will always be so very close. So lucky to have each other. I love watching my two little ones bond like this. Thats hilarious that he runs in shouting his brother’s name and jumps in with him. It’s a great feeling to see them love each other so much isn’t it? I can’t imagine only having one now. #ordinarymoments

  3. Awww so cute, I love their little faces they look so happy and smiley. The sibling bond is like nothing else is it? So amazing to experience. x

  4. Sibling love is always nice. I am seeing a lot of it in linkys and I am actually thinking this is an important thing that my son an only child is missing. Initially we planned 2 kids but our financial status wont let us have 2 kids. I have a sister that I am close too and who keeps me sane and this feeling.. the thought that i have someone with me is the feeling that i want my son to feel but well… one day hopefully. Thanks for sharing your story it is beautiful. #ordinarymoments

  5. What a lovely post. We’re currently debating whether to have another child, but all the hard work is putting us off a bit! I don’t want to deny M the chance to have a sibling though, especially when I read about how amazing the bond can be. Must be fantastic seeing them together.

    • OK there’s no denying it is hard work but you really do witness this growing bond – a little team forming before your very eyes. I know that in my sister I have a forever friend – no matter who else comes and goes in my life. We share not only memories but blood ties. I’m sure only children have fabulous childhoods being given all the material things and time and undivided attention, which is great, but I think being an adult, as an only child, must feel isolating. I can only surmise though, I’m sure there are plenty out there who would contradict me! Thanks for reading and commenting, please come back again! X

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