Homity Pie #TastyTuesdays


Homity Pie is an old English classic. I first heard of it back in the 80s when my family had a Cranks recipe book. I’m not sure if the younger generation will have heard of Cranks – I read today that it was shut down in 1991 by it’s parent company – the owners of Nandos. It’s a shame really because Cranks were pioneers in wholefood, vegetarian fare and one of their specialties was the Homity Pie.

I decided to attempt to broaden the range of food I offer my family and as my boys are very much lovers of ‘cheesy potatoes’ (baked potatoes cooked in the microwave in five minutes, skinned and then mashed up with grated cheddar), I thought this might be a winner. This is also pretty versatile and you could add just about any other ingredients – mushrooms, bacon, or other root vegetable – if you fancied.

I wanted something that would be easy and quick to cook but tasty. I could probably have attempted my own pastry but I decided to opt for some Jus Rol premade instead.

I used a small bag of medium sized salad potatoes but it is probably better with an older, more floury variety.

I rolled out the pastry on a floured surface and buttered a pie tin. Then placed the pastry in the tin and chopped the excess from round the edges. I then tried to do something a bit more interesting than nothing at all by cutting a bit of a wave design round the edge but it wasn’t exactly a roaring success decoratively!

Next, peel and cook potatoes until tender. Chop a large onion and fry until soft then add two crushed cloves of garlic. Then mix in a couple of tablespoons of milk, a beaten egg and half of your grated cheddar (about 350g). Add seasoning and mix all together.

Place the filling in the pie case and cover with the other half of your grated cheese.

Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes until done.

I had some offcuts of pastry after I’d rolled it out so I decided not to waste them and knocked up some simple jam tarts using my dad’s homemade blackberry and apple jam (made from produce from his own allotment). As you can see below, EJ was really quite pleased with these when I got him up from his nap!

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26 thoughts on “Homity Pie #TastyTuesdays

    • Its simple and really tasty Mel! I always shy away from pastry normally (and JJ has just informed me that he doesn’t like it *sigh*) but Jus Rol makes it so easy and comes out really nice.

    • Its very nice Julie – there are loads of different recipes for it online from a really rich one made with cream by the Hairy Bikers to Cranks own made with wholemeal pastry in individual dishes, but I thought I’d stay as simple as possible!

    • It was enjoyed by myself and the hubster but JJ said he didn’t like pastry and EJ is a massive meat lover and ate some but not all of his. I’ll definitely make it again though because it is yummy – just think cheesy, garlicky, creamy potatoes – yum!

    • I haven’t heard of homity in any other context! It *should* be a great dish for the kids although my eldest is incredibly picky and, although he loves cheesy potatoes, he decided to make a fuss about the pastry and extra flavours! Any normal child should love it though! 🙂

  1. Ooh this looks yummy, and sounds like a real winner! Love a good jam tart too, must remember to make some next time I have some leftover pastry! Xx #tastytuesdays

  2. I actually gave a gasp and my mouth dropped open when I saw Homity Pie! This is much loved in our house but no-one else knows what I am talking about when I describe it. I make it on Wednesday evenings so that LD#2 can cut herself a slice and microwave it when she comes home on Thursday, and so be well fed in time for athletics club. Sometimes I ask if she wouldn’t like something else but no, the Homity Pie beats everything else.

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