Word of the week: Filth!


This week we have been having our bathroom ripped out (floor to ceiling tiles, plaster, everything) and a new one installed. This work is still ongoing. Needless to say its been a bit of an upheaval. We have one man doing all the work on his own – he’s a lovely Polish guy called Slav (although JJ insists that he’s actually named Scarf). There is so much work for him to do on his own though, including demolition and removal of the waste, tiling, plumbing, electrics and installation of the actual fittings. He will still be working this Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. This is all arranged and organised through the bathroom fitting service at B&Q so I guess they’re saving money by using one man per job.

On Monday he began removing the tiles and unexpectedly the plaster work began ripping away too. Now we need a plasterer. In the meantime the plaster dust has pervaded the house and we are currently without a bath, bathroom sink, or shower so needless to say everything feels a bit grimy – including us!

The hubster has had the luxury of a hot shower at the gym he goes to. I’ve had the opportunity to shower over at my in-laws house a couple of times but the kids have just been getting a bit of a sponge down in the kitchen sink – great larks…

Bedtimes have been chaotic to say the least with the routine all gone mad.

On my day of cleaning I sat fidgeting wondering just what to do instead – essentially the to do list for the week was abandoned!
Now I am just longing for the work to be over so that we can get back to normal and of course thrill, ooh and aah over the wonderful luxury of a shower, a shower head in the bath (I’m a bit nervous about this one as JJ has a tendency to go a bit mad with the one at my parents’ house!), mixer taps so I don’t have to worry about the toddler burning himself, a mirrored cabinet fixed at a sensible height and an enclosed cupboard so all our bathroom related junk will be out of sight!

I think the bathroom is one of the important rooms of the house to be proud of because this is one place guests are most likely to visit (and examine in minute detail?) when they come round and I most certainly was not proud of what we had before.
Roll on Tuesday…


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33 thoughts on “Word of the week: Filth!

  1. I love your word and it made me smile. We’ve been through this and I know exactly where you’re coming from. We’re out the other side and the thing that got me through was the mantra “it’ll be nice when it’s done!” And it is, and I’m sure yours will be too…hang in there!

    • Thanks Stephanie!! I actually managed to have a bath in the new bath tonight (gingerly stepping out into a sea of plaster dust and trying not to splash the unsealed new tiles!) and it was soooo loverly! Kids still in kitchen sink though…

  2. Ah the chaos and dust that comes with having work done in your house, and the jobs of finding new ways to wash and clean yourselves! I don’t blame you for wanting to get back to normal afterwards, and look forward to seeing some piccys of the bathroom you’re so proud of 😉 xx #wotw

  3. I do not envy you the chaotic picture that you have painted! We had our refitted before the kids came along, so at least that felt a little easier! But yes, focus on Tuesday and it’ll all be worth it 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Oh, I can feel your pain. Even though we were away for 10 days, we still had six days of being home for the bathroom renovations. Luckily we have another bathroom. But it is horrendous dealing with dust, noise and workmen when you have kids around. You’re almost there. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend away and get out of the house as much as you can! x

    • Thanks Elfa – we will be over your neck of the woods Sunday and Monday but commuting back and forth to let the workman in in the mornings! Going to be a petrol heavy weekend!! X

  5. Oh plaster dust is the stuff of nightmares, you’re right, absolutely no point cleaning anything till it’s all finished. I hope the weekend isn’t too stressful without a bathroom but just think of this time next week – in a lovely bubbly bath, looking round at your lovely new bathroom! You’ll be practically forcing houseguests to go for a wee so they can admire it too!!

    • Oh yes! I’ve tested the bath out tonight actually Michelle and it was wonderful – if surrounded by bare bricks, unsealed tiles and huge piles of plumber’s kit! Yes – I will be plying all my guests with buckets of tea from now on so they will be forced to go and powder their noses in luxury! 🙂 X

  6. I bet you are so excited to have that lovely new bathroom, even with all of the upheaval. We will hopefully be having work done on the house this year so will be in exactly the same position as you are although our house has looked a bit like a building site for years so it will be lovely for it to finally look nice!

  7. Ah you just brought it all back to when we had our bathroom done. I found it so hard. I too showered either at work or at the gym. At night, we walked two mins down the road to the hospital one evening to go to the toilet! xx

  8. I hope the work continues smoothly and just think of the wonderful bathroom you will get as the end result. My husband recently fiitted us a shower and he ended up blowing the electrics and we had to have a whole new circuit board fitted! #wotw

  9. I remember this well from when we did the bathroom in our last house, dust everywhere! I gave up on it and left it alone in the end, until all the work was finished! Thankfully we had a shower downstairs too, so no having to using the gym 🙂 Kids weren’t too impressed though! Bet you can’t wait to enjoy your new bathroom, I know I loved mine!

  10. Oh dear! good luck with all that. One man on his own for such a big job sounds crazy… What are B&Q thinking? Are you going to do a before-after of your bathroom? Always great for inspiration! x Mel

  11. Argh I feel your pain! Just imagine how fantastic it will be when it is all finished though. I think it’s better with just one guy doing the job as no chance of any miscommunications happening!

    I love your header by the way.!

    Andie x

    • Yeah you’re right – he’s been such an awesome workman too – we’ve felt OK about leaving him alone in the house etc. Obviously just such a hard worker – doesn’t even stop for a lunchbreak!! Thanks for the compliment on the header too – I’m just a little bit in love with it myself!

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