Baby brain has a lot to answer for!

Disappointed polar bear

I’m not in the habit of using this blog as a diary of my feelings and emotions but tonight I’m feeling really sad and disappointed having discovered that the blog conference BritMums Live 2014 which I have been so looking forward to, having booked my ticket up back in April is now a distant memory due to my ineptitude at any kind of organisational skills – I’ve only gone and booked our family holiday over the top of those dates! This is something that can’t be changed – we’ve managed to coordinate time off (which is not always easy considering staffing demands within our organisation), paid in full and arranged to meet up with one of my best friends and her family both the week before and the day of BML. Of course this will be amazing in itself but I can’t help but feeling like I have had this magic carpet whipped out from under my feet.

I’ve been reading all the excited updates on my Twitter timeline concerning the two recent blog conferences, Tots100 Blog Camp and then Blog On in Manchester and letting go those feelings of being a face pressed up to the glass, on the outside looking in, knowing that BML is just around the corner – a place to meet some faces in person who I have made friends with over the past 11 months of blogging, gather some really useful advice, information and tips on how to improve my blog and just a chance to unwind childfree and actually go out in the world representing myself and my ‘brand’, perhaps a cheeky prosecco and a cupcake? But no, I feel like I’ve been turned away at the gate, fallen at the final hurdle, and all because of the insane juggling act that is motherhood. Alright I admit there are plenty of mothers out there who haven’t made this classic schoolgirl error – a double-booking can sometimes be a rare thing (unless it involves a play-date and a pirate party) so it seems doubly cruel to fall foul of such witchery.

In the cold light of day I suppose there will be other blog conferences – I’m sure Mumsnet (which I admittedly haven’t been very involved with) runs BlogFest round about October time – and so onwards and upwards.

Any kind words will be gratefully received! Sob!

8 thoughts on “Baby brain has a lot to answer for!

    • I was looking forward to meeting you too Sara! I am really sad that I did this – this was going to be my first time away from both children and work for a long long time and much as I love them I’ve suddenly realised that I really NEED some time off at some point because all my coping mechanisms seem to be failing me right now 😦

  1. Oh Sam, I am so so sorry for you… The prospect of meeting blogging friends in real life is an exciting one. I really wanted to go as well (everyone seemed to have such a great time at Tots 100 and Blog on) but with my due date being so close, I still haven’t bought a ticket (and realistically probably won’t). At least you have the holidays to look forward to, yay! xx Mel

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