Divorce number 3 for Katie Price: wasn’t it inevitable?

Price & hayler

Well, at the risk of sounding completely shallow, I think that maybe I should have confessed last week that one of my guilty pleasures is to follow the lurid life story of Katie Price with a certain amount of jaw-dropping and the occasional internal conflict! Conflict because sometimes she actually seems a little down to Earth (particularly when it comes to mothering a child with severe learning difficulties) but at the same time its like she has descended from a completely different planet – Planet Bonk.

Yes I admit I follow her on Twitter. I am morbidly fascinated by her rollercoaster love life. And now we learn that, having discovered unexpectedly (or so we are to believe) that she is six months pregnant (bearing in mind she has an 8 month old baby), today she announces her discovery of her 27 year old husband’s 7 month long affair with one of her best friends (a 49 year old woman). The mind boggles!

The woman appears to have no sense when it comes to men what.so.ever. And what about the children? That’s the heartbreaking part. I can’t help but feel that she has a certain amount of culpability, no matter how hard she plays the sympathy card – the cuckolded wife, blissfully unaware that she was living a lie. Wasn’t this just an inevitability?

I guess when you live this kind of crazy life in the public eye where everthing is hyper real (convicted in court for being out of control of her huge pink horsebox?!) there is never going to be any kind of stability or normality.

What must Peter Andre be thinking? (“It was inevitable”?)…

Just in case you hadn’t realised this week’s Prompt from Sara over at Mum Turned Mom was a scenario: “It was inevitable…”



9 thoughts on “Divorce number 3 for Katie Price: wasn’t it inevitable?

  1. Great post Sam. To be honest, if she was just getting married and divorced every other year it wouldn’t bother me, but I have to say I worry for her children!

    • I guess that is really no different than a lot of a certain single mums who find it hard to maintain a relationship its just that hers is so much more public! I guess the kids in any situation like this must get confused when men are coming in and out of their lives taking the role of daddy one minute and then gone the next.

  2. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for her sometimes, but she does seem to bring it on herself and I often wonder how much is done for self-promotion… I do feel very sorry for her children though, how unsettling for them – and it’s not really teaching them about building/maintaining relationships is it?! And, yes, I think it probably was inevitable 🙂 Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt I am loving how different everyone’s take is on this one!

    • She is a bit unlikeable really isn’t she? I think most of us women would find it hard to identify with her, the choices she makes, the way she seems to treat her partners. She has plenty of idol worshippers though.

  3. I have never really thought about this topic before – the joy of #theprompt is that you discover new blogs, new readings and it prompts (excuse the pun!) you to open your mind! Whatever happens within her crazy life, you can only hope that the children have each other, the sibling bond that will keep them strong and take them through whatever else is happening within their little lives. #Theprompt

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