The big bathroom transformation!

Well, this is it – you’ve heard all about it here – its been a week of upheaval, plaster dust over everything, bathtime and bedtime routines up the Swanny, bathroom related stuff lying in piles around the house, but its finally (more or less) over!

I took the opportunity to take a few before, during and after pics so that we could assess and share the results.

You may think the overall look of the bathroom before was not so bad – possibly a little 70s in decor, but from a distance, not bad. There were a lot of problems though. A broken old plastic cabinet with one of the mirrored sections being propped up below on the soap dish; a rusty old metal trolley acting as our storage receptacle for everything from shaving gels to bath toys and a pile of somewhat mouldy old copies of What Car magazine the hubster insisted on keeping in there; a horrible limescale stained toilet with a chipped wooden seat; a completely pointless stand-alone shower which couldn’t be used due to leakage issues which had caused terrible damp patches on the ceiling below; and a bath with no shower attachments meaning I was left with no choice but to wash my hair using a kitchen jug to rinse.

chipped old loo seat

Rusty bath trolley

doors fallen off

It was pretty clear that the works that came before we moved here had been done by a cheap and cheerful odd job man with no professional qualifications.

It was an eye opener to see everything ripped out:

But the final result has made me very happy. We chose a shower over bath with a really massive ‘rainforest’ style shower head as I have really missed my showers over the past four years and this was a cheaper option than another stand alone shower, leaving us more room for storage too. We went for a bit of a ‘luxury hotel’ style with no bright colours and after I saw the different choices Elfa of Californian Mum in London chose for her bathroom transformation I was a bit concerned that it would be a bit lacking in personality, but I chose a fun blind to give a bit more of a funky feel to the room  whilst still being in keeping with the colour scheme.

I like the fact that we have the same huge tiles on the floor and walls as it gives the room a seamless, almost ‘wet room’ feel. There is also a space between the sink and cupboard which I can imagine putting in a little pot plant holding stand for a pretty addition (but maybe when the munchkins are slightly older!).

For the majority of fixtures and fittings we have stuck with an old fashioned Victorian style feel (which is in keeping with the fact that the house was built in the Victorian era). JJ in particular loves the ‘telephone’ style shower head (yes that’s right we have a second shower head with the bath taps so that I can easily wash the children’s hair and shower down the bath). Originally we were going to get a beautiful rolltop bath but changed our minds when we saw how much it costs to have a stand alone shower fitted!

So here it is in all its glory:


Shower head, or telephone

seamless tiling

Spotlit bathing

Funky blind

14 thoughts on “The big bathroom transformation!

  1. What an amazing transformation! I cannot believe you spent 4 years washing your hair using a jug! Funny how we do things without thinking sometimes. We just do them because that’s the way it is. You must be so pleased with the end result. That B&Q guy did a fab job all on his own! x Mel

  2. OMG, when I saw the tiles yesterday (did you post a photo, Facebook maybe?!) I thought, those are very similar to the tiles we chose when we did our bathroom, then I saw the picture of the bath… And, yes, that is the bath that we put in too 🙂 Different taps thankfully, or I’d really begin to worry that we had indeed been separated at birth! I was very sad to leave that bathroom behind… I had many a lovely soak in that bath 🙂

    • That’s quite spooky Sara! I posted my Silent Sunday pic yesterday of the bath in situ but not one of the tiles specifically. It is indeed a lovely place for a relaxing soak and I would miss it now if we ever move house!

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