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Return to normality

After the chaotic time we experienced during the building works on our bathroom last week, this week the dust has (literally) settled. The job was (more or less) completed by the end of Bank Holiday Monday and we now have a beautiful, clean, luxurious space in which to carry out all those day to day ablutions.

I was keen to carry out a full on house clean on Tuesday as everything was feeling grimy and untidy with piles of bathroom detritus lying randomly around the place. Unfortunately I had a long standing appointment to get my highlights done (time-limited half price offer!) in Guildford and this process ended up taking about 4 hours out of my 6 hours of child-free time. This resulted in a mad dash home and a frantic sweep, dust, Hoover, recycling challenge and tidy up! As a result we do actually now have a clean feeling, tidy home again at last.

I am dying to put my ‘before and after’ bathroom post up to share the wonder of it all but we are still awaiting one rather large piece of kit to be delivered and fitted – the bath side panel. Without this picture is not yet complete.

We also had the Bank Holiday this week – not the easiest day for me as bathroom work was still in full fling and the hubster was out at work all day. In an ideal world we would do something fun together as a family on a bank holiday but in reality this rarely happens due to the hubster’s work commitments. We did have fun at the Bushy Park Woodland Gardens the day before with my Mum though, so it wasn’t a complete loss of time.

We finally booked our last term time holiday as a family of four this week – 7 nights in a beautiful child friendly holiday cottage on the North Norfolk coast. I know there is heaps to do up there with the kids and most exciting of all, we will get to stop in at the home of one of my oldest and bestest friends in the world in Suffolk on the way to and from our destination. I rarely get to see her and she now has three children herself with the newest addition joining the clan last November. I am really excited about this and its always lovely to have something nice to look forward to as you go about your normal day to day life. So that was the week that was…

7 thoughts on “Word of the week:

  1. So pleased all’s getting straight again now, and I’m looking forward to the bathroom reveal! My husband worked Monday, too, so it felt like just any other day, except there were people everywhere! That holiday sounds lovely, too. We stayed near Great Yarmouth a couple of years ago and it is beautiful around there, and yes, lots to do 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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