Siblings in May

When you have an (almost) three year age gap between your children it can be hard to imagine what kind of relationship they will end up having when the youngest is a babe in arms. I remember how his brother used to dismiss his presence as if he were simply another item of baggage which we were obliged to carry around with us. Nowadays its a completely different story. With EJ fully mobile, starting to talk and attempting to get involved in everything (particularly everything his big brother is doing!) he is finally being referred to (on occasion) as JJ’s best friend.

They play together happily, demand the same foods, chase each other up and down and expect each others presence for a sense of comfort and normality. Although they don’t have a massive family resemblance between them they present as a team and appear to be in tune with one another.


The two of them are seen here looking on very seriously at another two children happily playing in a sandpit!


JJ has passed on his love of Chuggington to his brother.


You can tell just by looking at EJ’s face that he is having a ball being chased by his brother around the occasional ‘cafe’ down at our local swing park.


Not such a great shared love – the dreaded crispies!

I look forward to this growing bond developing further, and hope that when JJ starts school in September his new found learning will rub off a little bit on EJ giving him a bit of a head start. As JJ will be one of the oldest in his year and EJ will be one of the youngest I’m hoping that this (slightly random) bit of family planning will pay off!


dear beautiful




8 thoughts on “Siblings in May

  1. Aww, they’re lovely together – and there’s something that is similar in their posture and expressions that tells you they’re siblings, even if they don’t exactly look alike!

  2. That’s a lovely picture of the boys standing next to each other, and also the one of the chasing – a real look of delight on EJ’s face.

  3. The relationship between brothers is so special. I love to see my boys together. They’re almost five years apart, but they’re still close. The younger idolizes the older and the older enjoys it! They both love sports and they like to hang out watching games. The picture of your boys watching the other kids in the sandbox is so cute!

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