Love the little things

I’ve been a voyeur into this linky (run by Morgana over at Butwhymummywhy?) for a while, feeling like I couldn’t possibly join in because it would actually involve doing something other than childcare, work, housework or blogging. Then I realised that I actually need someone to give me a reason to pick up a good book, watch something entertaining, listen to some music I love – basically just re-gain a bit of balance in life.

So here is my week of little things:


So I finally got around to picking my current great read back up, winner of the Costa Novel Award, Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. Its the story of a girl who gets to live and re-live her life over and over again, making up for each mistake along the way. Its set across the war years and the writing is so typically witty and on the money for Atkinson. I’m really enjoying it.


Well, I fell down somewhat in this area. I really wanted to re-watch one of my fave films, Sideways, then I realised that the DVD was at my parents house. I have had the film Side Effects from LoveFilm sitting on the shelf for two months now and I really must find the time to watch it as, looking at the synopsis again, it does actually sound quite intriguing!


Well anyone who has been reading my former posts this week will already know that I finally got to dust off my ‘Dorothy Shoes’ last weekend for a party no less (unheard of these days!):

More Dorothy Shoes!


I’m really loving my recently purchased Rudimental album – my favourite track probably being Powerless featuring Becky Hill (of former ‘Voice UK’ fame), but I just watched Right Here featuring Foxes (who is pretty hot right now in her own right) and I thought the video really added to it – just look at those Tigers and that kung fu action! I love it when a video tells a story.



This week I wanted to try my damndest to get some vegetables into my children by hook or by crook so I went in for a few sneaky options – I’ve got lasagne lined up which not only has carrot and celery but also a cheeky little spinach and pea puree mixed in too – completely unnoticeable under all that yummy cheese sauce! And I tried out this recipe from Sainsburys Little Ones, to which I added some grated apple and missed out the grated carrot. They all got eaten up so I guess I did alright!

chicken and sweetcorn burgers


I was very upset last week to find that I’d double booked our family holiday over the BritMums Live dates, having already spent my Β£98 on my ticket and looking forward to it soooo much (sob!), expecially after reading all the buzzy comments surrounding Blog Camp and Blog On, but I’ve mentally brushed myself down and actually managed to sell my ticket on to the lovely Tinuke of so something good has come of it and I hope I can be there next year instead.




25 thoughts on “Love the little things

  1. Love the shoes! Go you for dusting them off. Glad you joinined in #littleloves it’s great!!! Like you said gives you the motivation to do those things each week giving you more balance. That is so sad you won’t be at BritMums boo!!!! I was looking forward to meeting you there!!!

  2. So happy to see you on little loves Sam-Yay!! Ooh, Side Effects is a great film – definitely watch it – very intriguing and has a twist at the end! Love your shoes, and the burgers look amazing – must definitely try those with my picky lot too!xx

    • Ah, I’m so glad I finally linked Emma! You’ve prompted me to dust off the Side Effects now too! I’ll put the burger recipe up for next week’s Tasty Tuesdays, its pretty easy if you’ve got a mixer (I’ve got a mini chopper which minced the chicken up easily). X

  3. So pleased that you’ve joined in!
    Those shoes are just gorgeous, I used to have a similar pair in gold but I wrecked them on a night out 😦
    My 6 year old and I love Foxes, great choice!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

    • Thanks so much Morgana – I’m glad I finally got around to joining! Fab idea for a linky πŸ™‚ Sorry about your shoes – I think a pair of shoes can transform an outfit and definitely give me confidence and attitude! I love them. Thanks for hosting and hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend too X

    • It will definitely be fun Sian but no doubt completely exhausting too!! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy that I’ll get a chance to meet up with one of my best and oldest friends and her little family while we’re away too though and that *never* happens normally so quite exciting! X

    • Aw thanks hon – I am starting to look forward to the holiday now – especially as today has felt like proper summer time, even a bit humid! but at the same time not getting my hopes up as heaven knows two weeks from now it could be snowing knowing British Summertime :-/ Its a great linky to be a part of I must say! X

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous! You can join my “I’m NOT going to Britmums” club, we’ll drink gin and stalk twitter for updates πŸ˜‰

    Lovely to see you joining in, it’s such a fab linky with some fab ladies xx

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