Word of the week: Settled


Well the dust has now well and truly settled after the big bathroom excavation. Despite the fact that I mentioned that things had returned to normality last week, only now can I see that there was a lot of catch up to do what with a super big house clean, no time to do any batch cooking, and children in a state of excitement and full of the novelty of their shiny new bathtime! The knock on effect of all this madness was that I had very little time to do my normal level of blogging, and whilst I joined in with some of the week’s linkies, I was unable to devote much attention to other people’s posts and offer up a decent amount of comments. Even in such a short space of time it is very noticeable when the traffic to your site drops off and it actually felt a bit lonely!

I was still feeling upset about my stupid oversight in double booking our holiday over the BritMums Live dates but I’m happy to report that I now have a buyer for my ticket and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll just have to hold out til the next blog fest, blog camp or blog on to meet some of the lovely people I’ve got to know in the blogosphere over the past year.

I managed to write some nice posts and join in a lot more with the community this week and I’ve also cooked a (hidden veg!) lasagne sauce, a curry for myself and the hubster and some chicken, courgette, apple and sweetcorn burgers for the kids (recipe to follow!).

I finally managed to get my cervical smear done and I was prompted to pick up the good book I’m currently reading (Life after Life by Kate Atkinson) as well as think about the little things that I can focus on to make me happy throughout any given week in order to join in with ButWhyMummyWhy’s Love the Little Things linky. I realise that focussing solely on the blogging is not necessarily a healthy thing and I need a bit more balance in the things I do with my precious little ‘me’ time!

I also had another long think about blogging in general – and feel more settled about the fact that I don’t need to push myself over the edge to transform what I already have at this stage. I am enjoying the small writing and photography challenges as well as having a play with post production photo editing now I’ve finally stumbled across PicMonkey! Not having an iPhone or Android I’ve never had access to Instagram so this is like a whole new toy to me!

It does seem like those bloggers who are garnering a lot of attention and award nominations are paying the price of success – it would be amazing to be running a successful linky but I can’t help but wonder just how exhausting and pressurised it must be to read 50+ posts each week and comment on every single one. Kudos to those who do this, they truly do deserve an award!
Maybe when my children are both of school age this kind of challenge will become more appealing but until then I think I’m just going to maintain a steady course at a settled pace and enjoy the journey, happy to let others enjoy the limelight and taking this pressure of constant comparison off myself.

So that’s settled then…


The Reading Residence

22 thoughts on “Word of the week: Settled

  1. I think you’re being really sensible Sam, I feel the same way. There’s only so much (read not much) time i have for blogging and i can’t do everything. So for now, I’ll do what i can the best that i can 😉 #WotW

    • Thanks hon – it feels like a weight has been taken off to make this mental leap – I have been winding myself up about it for ages but we’re all different and sometimes if you’re trying to follow the tenets of a ‘happiness project’ you have to pay attention to the parts of things that make you happy and unhappy depending on where you are in life. I think blogging is the kind of thing that can change and evolve with you – you can do as much or as little as you like, as long as it is something you love! X

  2. Glad to hear that you’re feeling so much more settled now, Sam. I love the look of your new bathroom, so can imagine the kids are loving it in there! I’m looking froward to seeing that recipe, and will have to give it a go. I’m not going to Britmums either, but hopefully Blogfest, so maybe see you there. And I’m so pleased you’ve ‘settled’ your mind around blogging, too. You’re right about linkys – they take up a fair bit of work, and I’m not even getting an award for mine ;-)! I think it is needed to do more than blogging in your me-time (she says as she quickly downs a cuppa and catches up with #WotW while Little Man naps!), and I always feel so much happier if I’ve fit reading in, letter writing, gardening, baking – whatever, in amongst a day of blogging. It’s hard to find a balance, but I think I’m getting there now, fingers crossed! Sounds like you are, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • I always wonder whether it would be easier to fit the jigsaw of it all together easier as a SAHM just because you’ve got that bit more flexibility (I’m praying that’s the secret because otherwise I’m just rubbish at organising myself and my life!) 🙂 Nice to feel more settled in my mind about it now though and know that a blog is something that can change and grow with you as and when you want! Thanks for hosting again and all your hard work – you’re definitely a bit of an inspiration! X

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit more settled. I’ve had a rubbish week, and some of it is down to all the things you mention, comparison, time, balancing. I need to clear my head a bit too, well done you for getting there! I will try and fellow your lead 🙂 As for the SAHM thing, I’m not sure it helps… Probably depends on age of kids, but my wee girl doesn’t allow me much time to myself especially since she decided to stop napping! I have to bribe her rather a lot… 🙂 Have a lovely weekend x

    • Hmm, I guess the napping kids/kids who don’t nap makes a huge difference too! (and the hours of free pre-school time in the UK – not sure what happens in the US…) Hope you have a fab weekend too, lovely X

  4. It’s that balance thing again isn’t it. There are times when non blogging work and life take over and I have to learn to let something go a little. Sounds like you’ve made a good choice for you.
    I hope you’re enjoying those delicious recipes and the new bathroom 🙂

  5. My linky is TINY and I dont always make it through all of them. And I’m on maternity leave. Lift is busy. Settled is a lovely word thought! x

  6. It is nice to feel settled! Your bathroom really looks amazing but I can imagine the amount of dust that must have been gathering everywhere. Oh well, if that means having a nice shower and not using a cup to wash your hair, a bit of dust was probably worth it! I agree with you on the blogging thing. If you do it so much that it loses its ‘hobby’ status and enjoyment factor, it might not be worth it. Even posting only two or three times a week takes me a lot of time; I cannot begin to imagine what it is like for the ‘big’ ones and people managing Linkies. x Mel

  7. Great post Sam. I love your perspective on this and also really agree. I am amazed at the time and commitment some bloggers are able to put into their beautiful blogs. I love reading the posts and spending time on their often beautiful sites, and I really admire what they achieve. I can’t imagine spending that much time on blogging though – it really is a full time job in some cases! Glad you have taken the pressure off yourself xx

    • Thanks Kiran. Good to know that I’m not alone and it is an accepted fact that amazing blogs take a lot of time and effort – and for the rest of us, we can write and photograph and tweak, and sneak peaks at others and enjoy and it doesn’t make our blogs any less special (to us!) X

  8. @RamblingThroughParenthood: I think you have hit the nail on the head. Blogging is not an easy job, but parenting is even more difficult. And the one wouldn’t exist without the other. At least not for me anyway. So it is good to get your priorities all sorted. #wotw

    • Well, some people seem to manage to do both effortlessly but then everyone’s children are different and everyone’s schedules are different and you just can’t necessarily see which parts of someone else’s life make it possible for them to achieve what they do. For this reason it is pointless to try and compare and then feel negative – I’m learning to just do what makes me happy even if it kills me 😉

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