At last a mini heatwave!

Yes, you read right, a mini heatwave!! And as such today we shelved our usual outing to softplay (in the process saving ourselves £8) and headed over to a great playground not too far from home which my friend suggested for our weekly get together. Normally we treat ourselves to a coffee or hot chocolate at softplay but I was pinning my hopes on there being an ice cream van there so that I could get a coke today as I was parched! Fortunately one did eventually turn up!

The kids had a lovely time and as you can see from the photos, there is a very wide range of play equipment and its all safely housed within a large fenced area so I didn’t have to worry about EJ wanting to follow his big brother outside of any gates or next to any roads or car parks and he was incredibly intrepid, climbing completely unassisted over horizontal ladders with big gaps between rungs and shooting off down the big kids slide, no need for any input from Mummy (except for the occasional drink or snack!).

Meanwhile JJ had a lovely time with his friend on the unusual seesaw, rope climbing frame and basket swing.

I noticed at one point that EJ was trying to camouflage himself in his immediate surroundings:


No tears on the walk back to the car:


And on that same walk, I noticed some tree trunks that looked disturbingly like a huge pair of dinosaur feet fast approaching!:


Or is it just me? 🙂

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

18 thoughts on “At last a mini heatwave!

    • It is much better for overall safety and a nice large enclosed space with everything you need (except the ice cream van!) inside the little fenced bit. Much better for that than our local park which I’ve blogged about before. Funnily enough I’ve seen a picture by another blogger of their two children both dressed in white tops with red stripes lying on a white rug with red stripey swirls and this reminded me of that (completely unplanned of course!) He is a right little adventurer and apart from one bit of false footing he didn’t need any help at all!

  1. Lol they do look like dinosaur feet! Eek! 😉 Looks like a lovely trip to the park, great to have some sun isn’t it? Xx #countrykids

    • Funnily enough we *almost* went to softplay anyway because we know one with an outdoor area with a big sandpit and have discovered in the past that having a softplay to yourself (because everyone else has opted for outdoors activities) is actually quite nice! I’m glad we went to the park though – made a nice change. X

    • This summers weather seems to have rushed up on us almost unawares – it feels like only yesterday it was all torrential rains, cloud and cold winds! This was an absolutely beautiful weekend all round X

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