Chicken and sweetcorn burgers with courgette and apple

chicken and sweetcorn burgers

Last week I decided enough was enough and I needed to get my children’s diets back on track a little bit with something a bit healthy and which would include some veggies that they would actually eat happily! I’ve made Annabel Karmel’s Chicken and Apple Balls before in the past, so when I came across this recipe on the Sainsburys Little Ones web site and noticed the similarities I thought it was worth a go. The kids love finger food and these burgers could almost be described as a meal in a burger as they have chicken, breadcrumbs, courgette and apple in them, all bound together with an egg. I swapped out the grated carrot from the Sainsburys recipe with grated apple as I know my four year old will object to too many obvious ingredients that he can examine in any given foodstuff and also, I had a couple of half gnawed apples from the two of them which needed using up!

It was definitely a good recipe for using bits up as I also had some bread starting to get a bit stale and that was perfect blitzed up for the breadcrumbs. I ended up using about three slices blitzed, which was quite a bit more than the recipe stated, but I think the apple just made the mixture so wet that it needed something to firm it up a bit more. In the event they came out just fine. I served them up with broccoli and carrots on the side although normal people could just pop a bit of salad in a roll (my kids won’t go near anything even resembling the dreaded ‘salad’!).


I grilled the burgers off on my George Foreman grill (which I love!), just brushed with a little light olive oil, so this was a pretty healthy recipe all round and the boys seemed to enjoy them – result!

Here’s the recipe:


Half a courgette peeled and grated
Small appled peeled cored & grated
2 large chicken breasts minced
2-3 slices of bread blitzed into breadcrumbs
A couple of handfuls of sweetcorn (to taste)
1 egg (lightly beaten)

Squeeze any excess juice from the courgette and apple and add to the chicken, breadcrumbs, sweetcorn and egg and squish up together with your hands until all combined.

Form into patties of whatever size preferred, I made ten smallish burgers which was great as it means two burgers each for the boys, so 2.5 meals (I froze 6 burgers for another day).

Cook the burgers – either grill or fry or even BBQ I guess! – making sure that they are cooked right through.
Add to rolls, salad, with chips or just extra veggies on the side. Et Voila!

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12 thoughts on “Chicken and sweetcorn burgers with courgette and apple

    • It did thanks Zoe! Youngest ate them all up, eldest was still a bit distracted – he’s just not good at sitting still and eating – he always needs to be doing something else at the same time (or instead!) and then his food goes cold and he doesn’t want it anymore! He did eat all of one burger and some of the other though!

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