Love the Little Things Week 21


I’ve just realised that having posted in this linky for the first time last week and feeling quite pleased with all my lovely little achievements I’ve now got to spend the next 26 weeks admitting that I’m still reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson… Did I mention I’m a very slow reader?? Other than that there were these which were handed out at my first parents induction for big school!! Eeek!! Now I really do have to be a proper responsible grown up!:

Ready for school


I’m also playing catch up on anything watched too – but I did manage to finally pop that Side Effects movie into the DVD player and it was quite an enjoyable little thriller – easy on the eye too thanks to Jude Law! Not sure about the premise and the idea of what people will do for money but very impressed with Rooney Mara – great actress. Now I’ve finally been sent my next choice movie – ‘abduction/vigilante’ thriller Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhal – can’t wait!


Nothing much new for me but EJ has been rocking the upside down sunglasses look (avec sucette, naturellement!):



Lorde’s latest toon has taken a while to grow on me – when I first heard it I was thinking “hmph, its no “Royals” is it?’ but now I really quite like it and the idea of going down to a tennis court to talk something up? Well frankly I’ve got no idea what she’s on about but who cares?!



Well, I didn’t exactly ‘make’ it as such, but I feel like I’ve created a new space for the boys. As a twosome. Sharing a room. From now on…

Boys beds 2

And lastly...

We’ve all been learning to live with a new pattern come bedtime which has been a bit hit and miss, but in actual fact, whilst I will miss being able to gaze lovingly into my little one’s cot as I make my way to bed, I am secretly thrilled to have a lovely big room back and to luxuriate in the peace of knowing that whatever I do I’m unlikely to disturb bubs and he is unlikely to disturb me! The small pleasure of being able to roam around the room after his bedtime, picking my outfit for the following day or just pottering is also very satisfying! It feels like the natural order of the universe is gradually being restored!



17 thoughts on “Love the Little Things Week 21

  1. Sounds like a pretty good week. Like these posts as you get a little insight into other people’s lives and realise they can be just as crazy busy as your own (but fun). May try doing this linky myself if you don’t mind a copy cat?

  2. Love the pic of EJ rocking the upside down sunglasses! So cute!
    My two shared a room up until very recently and they loved it. It was so nice popping my head in at night and seeing both my babies.
    Thanks for joining in and enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Congrats little one of the big move to share rooms with your sib!! That’s fantastic. You will love it mommy. No more tiptoeing around and using your iphone for a flash light to see what to wear the next day. hahaha Or using the hallway light through the door. Your space is now back to your space. It’s a good milestone. He will sleep better for it and so will you. It’s always a hit or miss at first. i shared a room with my siblings my whole life. So used to it. #littleloves

  4. Why is it babies always wear their sunnies upside down? lol… Yay to getting your room back! always a nice feeling and you will be surprised how well they sleep! My little girl wanted someone as a comfort and before we merged her and her brother together she was a nightmare sleeper, but now they are both really good, its all about the comfort 🙂 xx

    • So hope this is true! The biggest problem right now is four year old is suddenly getting to stay up late ( to allow little bro drop off time) and he’s up and around long after I would normally be enjoying some peace!!

  5. My nephew always wears his sunglasses upside down too! I just don’t get it!

    A film with both Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall, I’m sold 😉 xx

  6. Sam, I’ve totally given up on a book for the ‘read’ part – totally ashamed to admit that, especially as an ex-English teacher!! Bless your wee man and his upside down glasses – my little one does that too! 🙂 Lovely little loves poppet xx

  7. I have been reading the same book for the last 9 weeks or so! Trouble is I can’t start anything else until I finish it! Looks like you’ve had a good week x

    • That’s so me! I hate starting anything new til I’ve finished what’s already on the go. And its not that I’m not enjoying it but it is just quite a lot of book to work your way through when you lead a busy life!!

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