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Just lately I have been getting woken up by crying somewhere in the region of my feet at least an hour earlier than my brain and eyes are willing to cooperate. I have tried all the usual pacifications with EJ, whose cot has sat at the foot of my bed since he was born 22 months ago. This pattern has not happened since he gave up his early morning bottle of formula a couple of months ago and I’m not willing to go back to that, so I’ve been leaving the room – my presence seems to inflame the situation. I have tried getting extra sleep on the sofa, the sofa cushions alone and then just a duvet on the floor downstairs. None of this has been satisfactory. Then I knew it was time; time to do what I’d been putting off for months – move EJ out of my room and into JJ’s room.

While JJ was at pre-school and EJ with his childminder on Tuesday I broke out the screwdriver and took the side off the cot ready for transfer. Next I got myself trapped in a corner on the landing and realised I should have taken the base off too and then followed a dangerous game of attempting to escape this ridiculous situation whilst not killing myself by toppling down the steep flight of stairs the cot was dangling above.

Eventually I got everything in place after a huge tidy up, clothes sort and Hoover operation. To make the room a little more inviting I finally dusted off the pretty bunting I sourced some time ago to compliment the aqua of the walls (not too girly – but come on, I never asked for two boys and there have to be some concessions to what *I* want – mwah ha ha!). Originally I had put it up using sellotape and blue tack. Not my finest hour in home decorations it has to be said. This time I brought out the big guns – a hammer and tacks! Hopefully it’ll actually stay up for longer than five minutes this time…

Bunting for Boys!

Then it was just a waiting game to see reactions, gauge emotions, and overcome any issues. Night one – EJ would NOT settle – I think it was all just too exciting. JJ got upset because he was tired and had a lively toddler foisted upon him through no fault of his own. I lay on the floor for 45 minutes – eventually he fell asleep and EJ calmed down. EJ awoke crying in the morning (I had already left for work) and JJ tried his best to help out by climbing in the cot and attempting to read a story (even though he can’t actually read yet). Bless.

Night two – EJ down (completely knackered funnily enough) whilst JJ stayed downstairs for a bit. EJ was fast asleep and JJ then demanded I wake him up so he could say goodnight! I managed to get him to compromise by kissing the sleeping munchkin. Then JJ wanted to watch his DVD on full volume. I managed to get him to use my headphones. Eventually JJ was ready to sleep but concerned about what might happen in the morning. I promised him I would leave the stair gate open so he would have access to get help or just get away if he felt stressed in the morning. I was assured that there was no crying in the morning and the boys were happily watching a Chuggington DVD together in the cot. Success!! Long may it last!

Some snaps of the room:

The other transitional aspect to the week was the fact that I had my first parents’induction evening at JJ’s school on Wednesday evening. We were given practical information about gaining entry to the school, uniforms etc, but we were also given quite a detailed run through of the types of activity and learning that we could expect our children to partake in come September. I have to say that everything I saw and heard made me feel kind of excited for JJ and happy about our choice of school. I just hope that he feels the same way when the time comes to make that leap to ‘big’ school.


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17 thoughts on “Word of the week:

  1. A big week in your home then. I was picturing you struggling with that cot, too! Little Man moved into his own room at 7 months old, and is pretty settled in there. Fortunately, they both go to bed pretty well, though they’re not so keen on lie-ins – you can’t have it all! Sounds like the move is going well, though, and I do like that bunting. Exciting about the parents evening, too. We’ve got ours in 3 weeks, and I’m looking forward to finding out more. I know Boo will love it so I want to be able to tell her more about it and tell her about her teacher etc. Big step, let’s hope our little ones enjoy it x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Thank you for making me laugh at the idea of you dangling over the precipice, holding on to the side of the cot! It’s a big moment moving a little one into their own room. I remember my hubby checking our son was still breathing on the hour every hour when he first moved!

    • Ah no – I’m way beyond that! I just want them not to disturb each other (and by default, me) in the process! It was quite touch and go there at the top of the stairs for a while there 🙂

  3. Before I was thinking of this as a rite of passage for my son for when he turns 4. his own bed, own room and he is 4! The problem is that room is now a storage and even if its free and unused heating 2 rooms is not just possible money wise. So goodbye to that rite of passage drama and well I still have my son in our room. So I have envy of your #WOTW cuz I want this to be mine too. Someday I hope.

  4. Awww, moving in with his brother… they must both be over the moon! It must be nice for you, too not to have a toddler in your bedroom. Your moving the cot seems to have been quite an adventure. Why is it that when we start doing something, it seems like a great idea, and in the middle of it, we realise it is rather dangerous and we shouldn’t have been cutting corners (I do it all the time, too!)? x Mel

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